While I know Dragon is mostly the reason amulet decks (RIP Seraph)are kinda dead. I do still feel like PtP Forest might have a spot. With the new totg cards such as Crystalia Aerin, Jungle Warden…

Asked by Verlyza
10 hours 27 minutes ago

Have 500 crystal, which prebuild Deck should i Buy, from the meta i see shadowcraft and dragoncraft or should I wait for the next prebuild deck? thank you

Asked by Pochi
3 days 4 hours ago

After submited my deck i tried to press "generate deck code" but it shows Unexpected error,even though after logging to sv-portal the URL is the same.Anyone know why or what i should do to make it…

Asked by Behemoth15
5 days 23 hours ago

This is not something I understand. I see Aegis players play and evolve their Aegis on the same turn when there are no opposing followers to attack.

At first I figured it was just people…

Asked by Moo
1 week 2 days ago

Is flute has any chance to be at least playable in this meta with all those totg new cards?

Asked by Demoser
1 week 2 days ago

So recently, I was having problems with always drawing high costs early on (my deck runs 3 9+ and 2 6drops)... and then I tested it...

I built a deck with literally all 1,2 and 3 drops and…

Asked by Shy
1 week 4 days ago

I was wanting to know what is the best wolfbolt deck currently out there in your guy's opinion.Since they all tend to run mostly the same cards just the amount is different for each deck it seems.…

Asked by Verlyza
1 week 5 days ago

Hey guys and gals .
I've been struggling on ranking up ever since I got into A0 and I really don't know how I can rank up because I've been losing a lot then winning a lot then back to…

Asked by SUPAHsora
1 week 5 days ago

i think he need a nerf.

Asked by Darkdemona
1 week 6 days ago


im a new player and want to buy between 1 and 3 of the premade decks(no duplicates tho, i'd only want to buy different ones) and im interested in the forest, shadow, blood and…

Asked by Fbk
2 weeks 1 day ago

I need help with the current meta as I can't win most games especially aggro shadow, ramp dragon and aegis haven

Asked by ItaiYamete
3 weeks 5 days ago

it is forestcraf legendary but it fanfare effect was" restore x defense tu your leader.x equals the number of shadows you have. Then change your number of shadows to 0." but it is a forestcraft…

Asked by Rakha
3 weeks 6 days ago

i just facing too many heavenly aegis recently, i try anything including magic card, amulet, bane. is there any way to counter this card?

Asked by sigodek
3 weeks 6 days ago

Hi everyone, thanks for reading that

I was wondering if a kind of OTK is possible with harnessed Flame/glass with D-shift or any other class

both are 3 cost but very weak (1 and 2 hp…

Asked by Elitefire
3 weeks 6 days ago

I tried using html bold, but it doesn't work. And adding more linebreaks doesn't work as they would show up as only 2 linebreak (1 empty-line). So, are there any way to format it? My description…

Asked by overcold_ice
4 weeks ago

Main Edit 1: Should i post my deck on the Decklist of the site? its a "newbie" deck so i don't know if its gonna be well recieved.

Deck changed a bit since i posted this question, i made a…

Asked by Elitefire
4 weeks 1 day ago

I craft 3 belphegor and 3 maelstrome now but i have no idea how to use them.

Asked by eldeer
4 weeks 2 days ago

a guys can explain to me how we can destroy or counter Heavenly Aegis (Can't be damaged.
Can't be affected by any other card's abilities except for those that change this card's attack or…

Asked by arckaonn
1 month ago

I feel like there will be a lot of new anti-aggro cards in the next expansion and the meta will heavily shift towards control decks... however I feel like
D-shift and Seraph hard cap the…

Asked by CardTurtle
1 month 1 week ago

hello everyone
please is there any deck that can run the flame and glass combo? i heard that rune is the best one for using them

Asked by yazata
1 month 2 weeks ago