Alternative ways to play Shadowverse

Alternative ways to play Shadowverse


Howdy Shadowverse Players,

Back when I first started working in the Shadowverse / Online CCG space, I used to hold a variety of different tournaments that would challenge the general conventions of how shadowverse was meant to be played. It was an awesome experience getting to shape the metagames in which players played in. It was even cooler to see the variety of different strategies that were being used that we never thought of before. This article is going to serve to show you the different ways that shadowverse can be played!

Why play an alternative format?

Good question random internet reader! There are actually quite a few reasons to play an alternative format!

1. Creativity: In an alternative format, there are no metagames. So you have nothing to base your strategy around so you have to find the best things in that format through good old fashion research and experimentation!

2. Variety: By playing an alternate format, it can give you a refreshing look at the game through a different lense.

3. Expansion of knowledge: You can find interactions that you probably didn’t know that you could have in the past. Because of this, it can definitely change your outlook on deck building.

4. Getting to use underplayed cards: This is one of my personal favorites actually. Being able to play underplayed cards is incredibly fun and rewarding in alternative formats because in the general constructed format, you don’t have a lot of room for experimentation in competitive play.

What are some alternative formats?

There are quite a few alternative formats that you can experiment play with your friends!

1. Highlander: Every card in your deck is a singleton (one of)

2. Pauper: Bronze and Silver cards only.

3. Poverty: Bronze Cards only

4. Set Specific: Use 2 different expansions and only play cards from those sets.

5. Ban List (Dream Format): Create a list of restricted / banned cards to play around. This format can take quite a bit of work though.

6. Side decks: Instead of playing the standard conquest format, you create a side deck for one deck and play with that!

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about messing around with alternative formats is you don’t really know what’s going to happen! It is a completely different experience than playing in your general ranked or competitive play. There are often people / teams posting up alternative formats on battlefy so you can find some there if you feel the urge to play against people competitively. However, you can simply play these formats with your friends and have some fun! Until next time...