Bergent, Onion Patchmaster

Bergent, Onion Patchmaster Evo


Fanfare: Summon an Onion Patch. Give your leader the following effect - Whenever you play a spell, summon an Onion Patch. (This ability is not stackable and lasts for the rest of the match.)
The world rejected me, so I'll reject the world. I've said it, and I mean it! Now come here, my beautiful little servants!
Bergent, Onion Patchmaster Evo


Gwaaah, why won't anything go my way? I'm not going to give up though. I'll destroy this whole world no matter what!

Card Stats

Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Runecraft -- Gold Dawnbreak, Nightedge

Card Liquefy Info

Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
800 250 600