Crystalia Tia

Crystalia Tia Unevolved
Fanfare: Summon a Crystalia Eve. Give it Ward and evolve it if at least 2 other cards were played this turn.
Deep within a castle encased in ice resides the princess of crystals. There, between the worlds of gods and men, she watches over the ice crystals' shine.
Crystalia Tia Evolved
Long lived is the princess of crystals, her every memory forever captured in a crystal of ice.
Card Stats
Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Forestcraft -- Legendary Darkness Evolved
Card Liquefy Info
Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
3500 1000 2500
Decks that contain this card:
Decks Views
Shadowverse Challenge #9 1st Place: FilthyWeeb - Tempo Forestcraft 11,180
Control OTK Forest 6,751
Shadowverse Challenge #16 Top 6 Place: VampireDesh - White Wolf Forestcraft 5,838
Shadowverse Challenge #17 2nd Place: [email protected] - Tempo Forestcraft 4,123
JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.23 2nd Place: 空 銀子 - White Wolf Forestcraft 4,052
NGE NA Open Week Ten Top 8: ExG Balaen - Tempo Forestcraft 4,030
NGE NA Open Week Four Top 8: Taka - Tempo Forestcraft 3,418
Shadowverse Challenge #13 Top 8: 斬卍殺氣達克卍佛 - White Wolf Forestcraft 3,399
NGE NA Open Week Eight 2nd Place: ExG Omega - Tempo Forestcraft 2,285
Shadowverse Challenge #9 2nd Place: Sckeyth - White Wolf Forestcraft 2,276
Shadowverse Challenge #11 2nd Place: ExG FreeDoM - Roach Forestcraft 2,213
Shadowverse Challenge #14 2nd Place: CpV.Leca - Tempo Forestcraft 2,077
NA/EU Tournament Season Final 3rd Place: ExG TheSeventh - Tempo Forestcraft 2,048
tempo2 1,968
The SN: Dream League W1 1st Place: CpV.Botalz - PTP Forestcraft 1,613
NGE NA Open Week Eight Top 4: Unlucker - Tempo Forestcraft 1,421
tempo 1,128
PTP Caged Arisa 1,120
NA/EU Tournament Season Final Top 8: CLU_Twinstar - Tempo Forestcraft 860
Rose Queen Control 847
Forestcraft 781
Wrath of the Forest 724
Mana Elk Tempo 692
Shadowverse Challenge #13 Top 6: tong - Tempo Forestcraft 676
Fairy Cage Forestcraft(updated 5/26) 588
Tempo Forest 548
Shadowverse Challenge #12 Top 6: tong - Tempo Forestcraft 518
Purgatory Combo 425
The SN: Dream League W1 4th Place: RedScarf - Control Forestcraft 284
The SN: Dream League W1 2nd Place: ExG TheSeventh - PTP Forestcraft 256
The SN: Dream League W3: CpV.Botalz - White Wolf Forestcraft 246
Control Forest Dragon 245
The SN: Dream League W3: Cpv.Loj - Tempo Forestcraft 160
The SN: Dream League W1 3rd Place: Grimnir - PTP Forestcraft 154
Forest Flood 127
The SN: Dream League W1 7th Place: ExG DinoT - PTP Forestcraft 94
The SN: Dream League W3: CpV.Leca - Tempo Forestcraft 58
The SN: Dream League W3: MS JaZe - Tempo Forestcraft 42
test 25