Fortunehunter Feena

Fortunehunter Feena Unevolved
Beautiful, powerful, and cute to boot! The one and only Feena's here!
Fortunehunter Feena Evolved
Evolve: Put a Goblin Mage into your hand and change its cost to 0.
Goblin Mage, did you follow me here? Now that you're here, I guess I'll just have to protect you. No one will lay a finger on you!
Card Stats
Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Neutral -- Silver Rise of Bahamut
Card Liquefy Info
Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
200 50 120
Decks that contain this card:
Decks Views
Roach Forestcraft: Grand Master Forestcraft Deck 24,561
Neutral OTK Forestcraft: 15 win streak in Master Rank! 21,125
[UglyGod] OTK Roach King 15,481
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.36 2nd Place: やきとり@DoS - Roach Forestcraft 9,472
[ManaSurge] OTK Forestcraft 6,856
[Master]OTK Forestcraft Roach 6,380
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.56 2nd Place: ポポクロ*Cmy - Roach Forestcraft 4,804
NGE SFL NA Qualifier III 3rd Place: whael - Roach Forestcraft 4,527
Pure OTK Roach Decklist and Guide 4,409
Roach OTK Beauty and the Beast 4,210
Unlimited Roach OTK Forest -Updated for DBNE- 3,351
NGE Starforged Legends EU Qualifier I 2nd Place: Dasvi - Roach Forestcraft 3,051
SFL EU Finals: OnionSheep - Aggro Forestcraft 2,717
NGE Starforged Legends EU Qualifier I 4th Place: Unner - Roach Forestcraft 2,692
SFL EU Finals: Essia - Roach Forestcraft 2,623
[GameAI] White Wolf/King Elephant Forestcraft 2,133
[ManaSurge - Red] OTK Forestcraft 1,999
The SN Starforged Legends Release Tournament Top 8: Defrunner - Roach Forestcraft 1,977
OTK 1,947
SFL NA Finals: Vetu - White Wolf Forestcraft 1,777
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.56 1st Place: Bunpei/M9B9 - White Wolf Forestcraft 1,543
虫虫虫 1,380
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.55 Top 4: ポポクロ*Cmy - Roach Forestcraft 1,359
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.42 Top 4: 白石 - Aggro Forestcraft 1,290
[DBNE] OTK Roach (Unlimited Format) - Masters Rank 1,280
roach(outdated/rip rotation) 1,262
[Altema] OTK Forestcraft 1,191
SFL EU Finals: Kionys - Aggro Forestcraft 1,154
NGE Starforged Legends EU Qualifier I 3rd Place: Baad - Roach Forestcraft 1,146
The SN Starforged Legends Release Tournament Top 4: Nibe - Roach Forestcraft 1,138
The SN Starforged Legends Release Tournament Top 8: Underwear - Roach Forestcraft 944
Neutral Roach Deck 942
SFL NA Finals: Underwear - White Wolf Forestcraft 875
The SN Starforged Legends Release Tournament Top 8: Frosty - Roach Forestcraft 866
Roach-Tamer Girls 669
effe WW King Elephant Forest 627
[GameAI] OTK Forestcraft 605
Control Elephant Forest 408
[GameWith] OTK Forestcraft 401
SFL EU Finals: Meow - White Wolf Forestcraft 326