Grimnir, War Cyclone

New Expansion!
Grimnir, War Cyclone
Enhance (10): Deal 1 damage to all enemy followers 4 times.
I am Grimnir, heaven's chosen god of war and the mad cyclone. I have descended from the lofty realm to save this world, but make no mistake... I'm not here to make friends.
Grimnir, War Cyclone Evo
As my power grows, something within me whirls ever more madly. And few who see me unleash the cyclone will forget the sight of a mighty war god consumed by fury.
Card Stats
Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Neutral -- Gold Tempest of the Gods
Card Liquefy Info
Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
800 250 600
Decks that contain this card:
Decks Views
[ManaSurge] Nephthys Shadowcraft 24,268
[ManaSurge - Red] Aegis Havencraft 17,908
Storm Havencraft: 11 Game Win Streak in Grand Master! 16,694
[GameWith] Storm Havencraft 15,979
White Wolf Forestcraft: 72% Win Rate in Master Rank! 7,706
[ManaSurge] Storm Havencraft 6,462
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.35 1st Place: はるゆゆ - Aegis Havencraft 5,797
NGE SFL NA Qualifier III 1st Place: Vetu - Neutral Forestcraft 4,706
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.55 1st Place: baranyan - Aggro Bloodcraft 3,784
[GameAI] Aegis Havencraft 3,176
NGE Starforged Legends NA Qualifier I 3rd Place: MS iseestars - Ramp Dragoncraft 3,015
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.55 2nd Place: りぷとん - Neutral Forestcraft 2,607
NGE Starforged Legends NA Qualifier II 3rd Place: Dis.DV8 - Neutral Forestcraft 2,583
[GameWith] Aegis Havencraft 2,469
Master 9 winning streak Anti-meta wall dragon 1,988
[ManaSurge] Neutral Runecraft 1,967
[Altema] Storm Havencraft 1,961
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.66 1st Place: nyaa - Ramp Dragoncraft 1,955
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.36 1st Place: †yuito† - Ramp Dragoncraft 1,955
BnB Forest by Ignideus 1,768
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.49 Top 4: みち - Neutral Forestcraft 1,742
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.55 Top 4: トモヒロ_Leaf - Ramp Dragoncraft 1,675
[Altema] Control Swordcraft 1,572
Post-nerf BnB Forest (SFL) : 17 game win streak in Master Rank 1,532
[Starforged Ver.] Dark Alice Satan 1,441
Twilight Nep 1,363
Control Avatar Haven 1,278
[Altema] Neutral Forestcraft 1,275
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.42 Top 4: やまし - Aegis Havencraft 1,190
Neutral Dirt Ginger Rune? 1,181
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.47 1st Place: ひろ - Neutral Forestcraft 1,172
Control Swordcraft Guide 1,134
NGE Starforged Legends EU Qualifier I 3rd Place: Baad - Ramp Dragoncraft 1,107
Starforged Legends - Aether Laelia Haven Theory 1,101
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.49 2nd Place: buena - Neutral Forestcraft 945
NGE Starforged Legends EU Qualifier II 3rd Place: Warfoki - Neutral Forestcraft 903
Neutral Midrange (no Alice) 859
NGE Starforged Legends NA Qualifier II 4th Place: Dis.Balaen - Earth Rite Runecraft 852
NGE Starforged Legends NA Qualifier II 2nd Place: DISunderwear - Earth Rite Runecraft 769
[GameWith] Neutral Forestcraft 663
Good Old Ramp-Dragondeck 603
[GameWith] Neutral Runecraft 461
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.64 Top 4: こばす - Neutral Runecraft 453
[Post Nerf] Neutral Wolfbolt 451
[UglyGod] Control Forest 439
Zodiac-Heresy 435
Wallet Control Neutral Rune 433
NGE SFL EU Qualifier III 2nd Place: Baad - PDK Dragoncraft 377
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.45 1st Place: とも - Earth Rite Runecraft 368
Blob Dread Shift OTK Runecraft 289
Forest of Dragons 257
[Master] Neutral Forest (post-nerf, to break the meta again) 224
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.46 Top 4: メロン - Earth Rite Runecraft 196
Control Satan Forest 177
Neutral Forestcraft 172
Control the Blade 108
SFL EU Finals: Akamarured - Ramp Dragoncraft 93
Dark Alice Loves Satan 0
Dark Alice Loves Satan 0