Fanfare: Restore 4 defense to your leader.
Whenever this follower attacks, deal 2 damage to all enemies.
The task of deciding whether to pass judgment was entrusted to the most sorrowful angel of them all. To ease the suffering of those who walk the earth, she played her melodies and sang of her sorrow.
Israfil Evo
Whenever this follower attacks, deal 2 damage to all enemies.
She could never eliminate all the suffering no matter how hard she tried, and she finally passed her judgment in despair. Her tears fell even as she cleaved through the sinful.
Card Stats
Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Neutral -- Legendary Tempest of the Gods
Card Liquefy Info
Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
3500 1000 2500
Decks that contain this card:
Decks Views
[Altema] Ramp Dragoncraft 20,010
[Master] Neutral Forest (Rotation) 15,529
Dark Alice Shadow 9,549
[ManaSurge] Ramp Dragoncraft 8,846
Tilting at Windmills Ramp Dragoncraft (Rotation) 7,914
Blob Control Puppet Portalcraft (Rotation) 7,705
Updated for DBNE | Unlimited Storm Ramp Dragon | Easy 60%+ Win Rate Climbing AA 5,351
NGE SFL NA Qualifier III 1st Place: Vetu - Neutral Forestcraft 5,330
[Master] OTK Ramp Dragoncraft - Survive to ten and win Kappa Kappa 4,527
Amazons Unlimited 4,515
Blob Dread Queen OTK Dragoncraft (Unlimited) 4,467
[GameWith] Ramp Dragoncraft 4,365
Control forest/updated for January update,10 win streaks(rotate 4,217
Reanimate Shadow (rotation) 4,122
[DBNE] Ramp Dragon 12 WinStreak MASTER (Rotation) 3,874
SFL NA Finals: Fantasy - Ramp Dragoncrfaft 3,767
Blob Dread Queen OTK Dragoncraft (Rotation) 3,118
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.55 2nd Place: りぷとん - Neutral Forestcraft 2,948
Master 9 winning streak Anti-meta wall dragon 2,796
Rotation Ramp Dragon 2,777
††† Necropolis ††† | DECK BUILD | Dark Alice Shadowcraft | UNLIMITED | Meme Dream Deck Alert! 2,729
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.37 Top 4: 伊吹 澪 - Ramp Dragoncraft 2,659
Neutral Control Puppet/ Master Rank Rotation 6 win streak 2,573
Ramp Storm [unlimited] 2,573
[ManaSurge] Neutral Runecraft 2,489
Unlimited Neutral Control Forest 2,323
SFL NA Finals: Gengur - Neutral Forestcraft 2,120
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.66 1st Place: nyaa - Ramp Dragoncraft 2,118
Ramp dragon 2,080
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.36 1st Place: †yuito† - Ramp Dragoncraft 2,033
Neutral Dirt Ginger Rune? 2,003
Good Old Ramp-Dragondeck 1,809
Post-nerf BnB Forest (SFL) : 17 game win streak in Master Rank 1,776
Unlimited | Grandmaster 162 wins day 3 DBNE | 16 Win Streak | Neutral Forestcraft 1,770
Neutral Forestcraft 1,767
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.55 Top 4: トモヒロ_Leaf - Ramp Dragoncraft 1,707
Cheap Haven Control [Rotation] 1,704
Neutral Puppet Portalcraft 1,487
[ManaSurge] Control Forestcraft 1,396
OTK Unlimited Greed 1,385
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.61 Top 4: 西野七瀬 - Ramp Dragoncraft 1,152
NGE Starforged Legends EU Qualifier I 3rd Place: Baad - Ramp Dragoncraft 1,131
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.66 2nd Place: rituuu - Ramp Dragoncraft 1,115
Ramp 1,102
Neutral Rune (Climbing Deck) 1,100
Midrange Swordcraft 1,091
Neutral Runecraft 1,090
[UglyGod] Neutral Forest (Chrono. Expansion) 1,032
CG Neutral Tempo Grimoire Runecraft (post non-existent Daria nerfs!) 1,014
Neutral Sword 859
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.61 2nd Place: P.S.T|真帆路 - Ramp Dragoncraft 839
Fast Summon Unlimited 824
Alice's Tears 789
Dark Alice 756
Skywards 738
Midrange Neutral Chronogenesis Rotation 694
Wallet Control Neutral Rune 678
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.64 Top 4: こばす - Neutral Runecraft 576
[GameWith] Neutral Runecraft 566
Neutral Forestcraft 523
SFL NA Finals: Gengur - Ramp Dragoncraft 520
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.60 Top 4: ななさき - Ramp Dragoncraft 515
Blob Dread Shift OTK Runecraft 434
Random Forest Deck (Looking for Advice :D ) 422
NGE SFL EU Qualifier III 2nd Place: Baad - PDK Dragoncraft 398
Controll/Heal Runecraft 368
Forest of Dragons 317
SFL EU Finals: Kionys - Ramp Dragoncraft 285
SFL EU Finals: Akamarured - Ramp Dragoncraft 262
[DBNE] GINGER RUNE (Rotation Format) - 16 winstreak in Masters Rank 174