Luminous Mage

Luminous Mage
Fanfare: Summon a Luminous Knight.
Evolution points won't be used when you evolve allied Commanders.
To end this age of darkness, we sacrificed our names. Now advance, knight, until this world at last knows peace.
Luminous Mage Evo
Evolution points won't be used when you evolve allied Commanders.
Ours is the magic of light infused with the prayers of the people and the wishes of those who fight beside us. And we shall turn the power of hope to light!
Card Stats
Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Swordcraft Commander Silver Tempest of the Gods
Card Liquefy Info
Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
200 50 120
Decks that contain this card:
Decks Views
[ManaSurge - Red] Midrange Swordcraft 30,111
Chronogenesis Midrange (Rotation) 22,113
The SN Starforged Legends Release Tournament 1st Place: fantasy - Aggro Swordcraft 11,849
Midrange Swordcraft: 23 Game Win Streak in Master Rank! 10,826
SN CG Tournament 3rd Place: HSK Szerro - Midrange Swordcraft 7,533
Mid-Sword / 95% Winrate / 12 Winstreak 7,012
[GameWith] Midrange Swordcraft 6,245
Rotation Midrange Sword / 80% winrate on Master / Tier 1 5,790
[GameWith] Control Swordcraft 5,274
[GameAI] Midrange Swordcraft 5,103
Amazons Unlimited 4,616
ThePureSword[Rotation] 4,453
Arthur sword tier 1 in rotation (rip Albert) 4,220
[Altema] Midrange Swordcraft 4,208
Midrange/aggro swordcraft 80% winrate RANK MASTER 4,170
Fast Chronogenesis Midrange Swordcraft (Rotation) 4,166
Titan MidRange Sword (Updated DBNE!) 3,734
[DBNE] Midrange Sword feat. Maisy - 10 Win Streak Masters (Rotation) 3,070
Shiny Swordcraft 3,062
Midrange sky swordcraft 2,960
Army in a can ft. Arthur 2,902
Shiny Sword 2,637
Star Commander 2,481
Fill That Board~Midrange Sword (rotation) 2,258
SN CG Tournament 4th Place: MS Noah - Midrange Swordcraft 2,118
[Celia X Arthur] The Great Duo (Rotate) 2,117
commander-control swordcraft 2,042
SN CG Tournament Top 8: MostWeakest - Midrange Swordcraft 1,971
Mid-Sword / Small Neutral Package / 80% Winrate Masters 1,965
aggro swordcraft 1,872
New midrange 1,772
Unfinished Cursed Storm 1,525
Trial Swordcraft 1,461
Anti-Aggro Sword 1,421
Sky Knights!!! 1,415
Midrange (Chronogenesis) 1,360
Arthur (i dunno how to name this deck) 1,358
Midrange Sword 1,310
Battle of Attrition (Rotation) 1,163
Midrange Sword 1,145
Resolve Cannon 1,110
Ward Sword 1,105
New Wallet (Rotate) 1,017
Support Cannon 983
Japanese Midrange Swordcraft (Grand Prix featured deck) 961
The sky is not high enough! 922
Loki Control sword 880
SFL Midsword 846
Everlasting MidRangeSword 785
Midrange Swordcraft 781
Canon Rotation 764
Vanguard's Sword 753
New control 716
Arthurian Council 558
The Good Merchantette 490
Neutral 410
Trial 1 377
Commander-focused Swordcraft (Unlimited) 336
Summon a Purgatory {Swordcraft} 240