Magic Owl

Magic Owl


You shouldn't treat familiars as if they were simple servants. They are irreplaceable companions deserving of trust. They are the rescuers of lonely old magicians, saving them from a life of solitude. —Familiars: An Introduction, Chapter 1
Magic Owl Evo


Evolve: Spellboost the cards in your hand 2 times.
Do not depend on their devotion, for that is not their purpose. To truly be a good fit for your familiar, you must work to improve yourself. Only then will your familiar's power increase. And wouldn't that be handy? —Familiars: An Introduction, Chapter 6

Card Stats

Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Runecraft -- Bronze Starforged Legends

Card Liquefy Info

Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
50 10 30