Princess Snow White

Princess Snow White
Last Words: Summon a Princess Snow White and evolve it. Then that follower loses all of its abilities.
Some resent the beauty of this snow crystal. One such mean and lowly soul put the girl to sleep. Only the kiss of a prince could open her eyelids. —Snow White, Chapter 5
Princess Snow White Evo
Last Words: Summon an unevolved Princess Snow White and evolve it. Then that follower loses all of its abilities.
Your skin is as fair as the pure, driven snow. But your breath is as chilly as the crystals. My delicate princess, may this kiss open your eyes again! —Snow White, Chapter 7
Card Stats
Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Havencraft -- Legendary Wonderland Dreams
Card Liquefy Info
Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
3500 1000 2500
Decks that contain this card:
Decks Views
[ManaSurge - Red] Aegis Havencraft 19,427
Storm Havencraft: 11 Game Win Streak in Grand Master! 17,796
[GameWith] Storm Havencraft 16,489
Aegis Havencraft: 19 Win Streak in Master Rank! 14,160
Elana Havencraft: Aggro Counter Master Rank Havencraft Deck! 12,867
[Altema] Aegis Havencraft 11,526
[ManaSurge] Storm Havencraft 7,600
[GameWith] Seraph Havencraft 7,586
70% Winrate GM Storm Haven with guide! 6,840
SN CG Tournament 1st Place: DIS Chin - Aegis Havencraft 6,009
Ageis Knight / Rotation Master Rank Deck 5,972
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.35 1st Place: はるゆゆ - Aegis Havencraft 5,959
Master Storm Haven Wings And Cows 5,640
Heavenly Summit (10 Winstreak AA1 | Rotation) 5,589
[ManaSurge] Aegis Havencraft 5,260
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.60 Top 4: 博麗霊夢 - Storm Havencraft 5,138
Blob Temple Havencraft (Rotation) 4,299
NGE Starforged Legends NA Qualifier I 2nd Place: [email protected] - Aegis Havencraft 3,607
[Altema] Elana Havencraft 3,163
Control heaven Ft.Heavenly Knight(Rotation) /10 winstreak Master 3,062
JCG OPEN S3 Vol.56 Top 4: sharu - Aegis Havencraft 3,047
Blob Elana Havencraft (Unlimited) 2,963
NGE Starforged Legends EU Qualifier II 4th Place: VS Symphonus - Avatar Havencraft 2,685
[GameWith] Aegis Havencraft 2,522
Guardian Hybrid Havencraft (SFL update) 2,510
Blob Aegis Havencraft (Rotation) 2,263
[Altema] Storm Havencraft 2,226
Dark Temple Haven 2,038
Elana Haven 1,892
SFL NA Finals: Vetu - Seraph Havencraft 1,844
hugmi Aegis Haven (Rotation) after Jan nerf 1,731
Temple Haven (Rotation) 1,652
Temple haven 1,583
Control Avatar Haven 1,443
JCG OPEN Season 3 Vol.42 Top 4: やまし - Aegis Havencraft 1,253
Badb Catha Havencraft (Rotation) 1,243
SN CG Tournament Top 8: Vetu - Aegis Havencraft 1,226
Seraph Havencraft Unlimited (Climbing Master) 1,211
Starforged Legends - Aether Laelia Haven Theory 1,180
Heavenly Temple 1,157
Stormy Haven Why Not? 1,123
Seraph by builderman 1,048
Summit Havencraft 992
Blob Seraph Havencraft 891
SFL NA Finals: Underwear - Seraph Havencraft 833
AetherSummit 674
Master: Brds, Btchs 581
Zodiac Avatar Grail Aether Aegis 512
Aegis Haven 494
Aether storm haven craft 465
Flesh of the Avatar 401
AetherSummit 201