Rukina of the Resistance

Rukina of the Resistance


Fanfare: Give all allied Portalcraft followers the following effect - Can't be destroyed by spells and effects. (Can be destroyed by damage from spells and effects.)
There must be more to life than victory. I truly believe that, which is why I want to put people's safety first. Even if that is a philosophy unbefitting a commander...
Rukina of the Resistance Evo


I am no hero. I am truly nothing close. I think I'm only hiding from my own failings... as a commander and as a person. Silently hoping someone will notice... and give me the push I need to change.

Card Stats

Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Portalcraft -- Gold Omen of the Ten

Card Liquefy Info

Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
800 250 600