True Dragon Scathacha

True Dragon Scathacha


Fanfare: If Overflow is not active for you, deal 2 damage to this follower, and gain an empty play point orb. If Overflow is active for you, give your leader the following effect - Subtract 2 from the next source of damage dealt to your leader.
Scathacha was a fake name to cover my real identity—True Dragon Deirdre, but I've grown accustomed to it now. You, too, would do well to refer to me by this preferred nomenclature.
True Dragon Scathacha Evo


Honestly, the business of men is endlessly quaint. Ah, you there. Show me more of your people's ways. My eyes haven't yet had their fill of your customs. Hehe.

Card Stats

Class Trait Rarity Expansion
Dragoncraft -- Gold Brigade of the Sky

Card Liquefy Info

Create Cost Liquefy Cost Animated Liquefy Cost
800 250 600