Bloodcraft Guide and Decks

Deck Archetypes:
User Created Decks
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WD Vengeance Blood
Deck by Temujin
Posted 08-18
0 17,150
Control Carabosse
Deck by Nixral
Posted 08-16
27 46,400
Neutral Blood
Deck by Pineappleofdoom94
Posted 08-13
4 20,600
Ptp blood, but i put it here so people will click on it since there is no archetype
Deck by Arctic128
Posted 08-11
7 17,900
Vania Cat Aggro
Deck by birdbuddy
Posted 08-06
49 9,950
Class Overview

Bloodcraft is a class that specializes in the vengeance mechanic. Whenever your leaders defense is 10 or lower, you are considered to be in vengeance. While having your health total so low could be risky, cards with vengeance abilities become more powerful and dangerous!

Class Staples
Razory Claw Razory Claw 2

Razory Claw is one of the classes most powerful cards! While it does damage directly to yourself, it also does a significant amount of damage to your opponents leader as well. This card can also be used to force yourself into vengeance if you are near 10 defense to trigger your powerful vengeance abilities!

Though an aggressively stated ward follower, Veight plays a very important role in both aggro and control decks. He has synergy with Vania, Vampire princess due to his clash ability to make a forest bat and is also capable of protecting your followers as well. He can also do a significant chunk of damage to your opponent should he be fortunate enough to attack directly.

Blood Wolf Unevolved Blood Wolf 2

Bloodwolf has seen play in nearly every variation of bloodcraft decks. While it does do damage to your leader in a similar fashion that razory claw does, this also has storm so it is capable of attacking your opponent directly, trading into one of their followers, or being used to put you into vengeance if your life total is low enough. With an additional evolution point, Blood Wolf can be used to finish your opponent off as well!

Deck Archetypes

Control Bloodcraft is a very slow and very grinder based deck focused around the principle of reducing your opponents options to nothing and taking over the game. With various cards to keep your opponent low on followers while keeping your life total high, Control Bloodcraft has all of the tools you need to stave off of your opponents offense and grind them into oblivion! 

Neutral / Alice Bloodcraft is a bit different than all of the other variations. This deck has the capability to be pretty controlling while being able to be proactive and put many threats onto the table. A highly adaptable deck that allows you to go from aggressive to defensive and back at the drop of a dime!

Vengeance blood is an archetype that is able to take advantage of the vengeance mechanic at will! No longer do you have to wait until your opponent puts you in vengeance! You can force yourself into it using cards such as Belphegor and/or Soul Dealer!

Aggro bloodcraft is the ultimate deck for beginners! Not only is a cheap and affordable deck that any new player could afford, but Aggro Bloodcraft is one of the fastest decks in the game! Though powerful synergies such as Vania, Vampire Princess and Summon Bloodkin, Aggro Bloodcraft can deal an unbelievable amount of damage to your opponent in just a few short turns!