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Deck Archetypes

User Created Decks

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neutral blood OCT2018
Deck by docdodo
Posted 10-17
BotS Control Blood
Deck by Cheshire128
Posted 07-31
Deck by ASU-0
Posted 11-16
Deck by ASU-0
Posted 11-26
budget aggro vampire
Deck by goodknife
Posted 01-05

Class Overview

Bloodcraft is a class that specializes in the vengeance mechanic. Whenever your leaders defense is 10 or lower, you are considered to be in vengeance. While having your health total so low could be risky, cards with vengeance abilities become more powerful and dangerous!

Deck Archetypes

Much like the rotation variation of this deck, Vengeance blood focuses very heavily on getting into vengeance as early as possible to gain advantages through bloods class mechanic. Using cards such as Belphegor and other vengeance activators, you can generate massive amounts of tempo very early in the game. This deck is not without its risks however as you could end up making it easier for your opponent to kill you. So play this deck with extreme caution.

Control blood is a very grindy and incredibly slow deck that focuses on using tons of removal spells to assert dominance over their opponent. Your main focus is to grind your opponent out of resources so that when you reach the end game, your opponent has very little they can do to answer your end game.

Do you like finishing your opponent off in really cool way? Do you like dealing damage to yourself and punishing your opponent at the same time?! If you do, Darkfeast Bat is for you! The entire game plan revolving around this card is simple but it is quite difficult to execute. You wanna deal as much damage to yourself as possible and them BOOM! Play a Darkfeast bat to finish off your opponent!

Aggro bloodcraft is the ultimate deck for beginners! Not only is it a cheap and affordable deck that new players can afford, but Aggro Bloodcraft is one of the fastest decks in the game due to it's ability to dish out massive amounts of damage throughout the game.

Neutral Blood is a little different than the other variations of Neutral decks. While it is capable of playing the same neutral followers that if played on curve can be incredibly difficult to deal with, bloodcraft gives the neutral package a different life with cards such as Razory Claw and Phantom cat, allowing players to burn their opponents out of the game using direct damage! This deck has very good comeback potential because of this and should be taken advantage of!