Dragoncraft Guide and Decks


Deck Archetypes

Class Overview

Dragon is a class that uses the [Overflow] Mechanic. Overflow takes place when you have 7 or more play points and your cards can gain additional abilities because of it! Typically to achieve overflow as quickly as possible, dragon focuses on several different cards to help them increase their play points. So unlike other classes, dragon can get to 10 play points in the span of 6 turns!

Deck Archetypes

Aggro Dragoncraft is a different type of aggro deck. While it is certainly capable of very aggressive plays in the early game, it actually acts as a control deck against your opponents aggressive decks due to its various damage and destruction effects!

Roost Dragoncraft is a different type of ramp deck than you may have been accustomed too. It is a much riskier but also more explosive version of the traditional ramp dragon deck that focuses on playing big storm followers such as Genesis Dragon / Zooey Arbiter of the skies and killing your opponent hard and fast! If you like decks that have a little bit of an edge, definitely give this deck a shot!