Forestcraft Guide and Decks

Deck Archetypes:
Archetypes Rating
Roach Forestcraft
Updated for Chronogenesis
Neutral/Alice Forestcraft
Updated for Chronogenesis
Tempo Forestcraft
Updated for Chronogenesis
Aggro Forestcraft
Updated for Chronogenesis
User Created Decks
Deck Date Sort ascending Views Cost
Deck by GooeyNyan
Posted 03-21
41 5,550
Unlimited Neutral Control Forest
Deck by ernest2
Posted 02-23
1,493 49,700
Rotation Hyper Aggro Forest / 75% winrate on Master / easy to play
Deck by ASU-0
Posted 02-26
5,475 11,150
Neutral Forestcraft
Deck by Kayzen
Posted 01-27
1,405 43,850
Titan Aggro Forest
Deck by Titan017
Posted 02-22
1,176 4,700
Class Overview

Forestcraft is a class that focuses on using low class spells in order to add additional effects or power to their card abilities. Often, it focuses on keeping a high hand count so that it can get the most out of its spells and effects!

Class Staples

One of the most important cards for forest. Not only is she a 4/6 ward follower, she also heals you for 3 AND she can even help you recover an evolution point! This card can be used in pretty much any and every forest deck you can think of!

Ancient Elf Unevolved Ancient Elf 3

In a deck that requires you to have a high hand count, Ancient elf is a very important card to any forest list. It can get bigger equal to the number of followers you return to your hand with its effect. It works very well with your fairies that you flood the board with in the early game and it can become a huge wall that your opponent has to work very hard to get through!

When you evolve this card, it will add 2 fairies to your hand. Great for keeping cards in your hand and those fairies cost 0! Meaning that you can play them for free to help boost help with meeting your card requirements!

Deck Archetypes:

Tempo Forest is a deck that is reliant on filling the board with many 1PP followers and hitting your opponent in the face for a lot of damage through various pump effects!

Aggro Forest kind of breaks away from the traditional forest mold. While it does still play Rhinoceroach, it does not rely on it for its soul win condition. This deck allows you to flood the board with fairies and use various buff effects to end the game as quickly as possible!

While many different forest decks use Rhinoceroach in the deck as a way of helping finish off their opponents, this deck aims to use Roach as its one and only finisher. This deck is one of the hardest decks in the game to play, but it is also very rewarding because once you have mastered this deck, you can kill your opponent out of nowhere!

Unlike most Neutral decks, Neutral Forest is a pretty slow starting deck that doesn't focus on aggression. Rather, it focuses on hitting your opponent super hard and killing them, even in a single turn!