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[BOTS] Holy Lion Haven (Rotation Format) - Masters Rank
Deck by MinakamiYuki
Posted 06-30
4,986 36,600
Tempo-Garuda Haven (11 win streak in master rank)
Deck by nikita0699
Posted 07-08
1,103 56,900
Garuda Heaven[Rotation]
Deck by prakapao
Posted 07-09
793 59,000
In Tenko we trust
Deck by bryansakura
Posted 07-07
650 49,600
Control Tenko Havencraft
Deck by jericho2714
Posted 07-07
628 33,100
Class Overview
Havencraft is a class that specializes in countdown amulets. Countdown amulets can be used for a variety of effects such as drawing cards, destroying and banishing opponents followers, summoning very powerful followers, or even flat out winning the game!
Class Staples

If there was ever a staple card for Havencraft, it is this one! Priest of the Cudgel, often dubbed "Papa banish", is capable of stealing tempo from your opponent and controlling the board all in a single motion.

When evolved, he can banish a low defense follower and attack another follower to clean up the board! This is often at least a 2 of in most haven lists.

Sacred Plea Sacred Plea 1

Quite possibly the single most important Havencraft amulet, Sacred Plea provides the player with a way to draw additional cards from their deck. In most haven decks, this card is played as at its maximum number of 3 as to increase their chances of getting this card in the early game.

Beastcall Aria Beastcall Aria 2

This is one of the amulets that help Havencraft be the threat that it can be. Summoning a 2/1 Storm follower and a big 4/4 vanilla follower can be crippling the earlier in the game that it happens. Not to mention that there are various cards in this class that help synergize with this card such as Hallowed Dogma or Winged Sentinel Garuda!

One of havencrafts most important removal spells! Blackened Scripture will completely banish an enemy follower! This prevents that card from becoming a shadow and getting any of its last words abilities. More importantly, it can be used to get rid of a weakened follower that you could not defeat in combat after trading.

Deck Archetypes:

Elana Havencraft is unlike the other iterations of Havencraft. Rather than focus on many amulets to overwhelm the opponent, this deck only focuses on a single amulet. Elana's Prayer. Combined with followers and spells that heal your leader,Elana's Prayer is capable of creating incredibly large followers that can be difficult for your opponent to beat!

Storm Haven is a deck that specializes in doing a high amount of burst damage in the mid-game. Unlike most aggressive decks, it does not have a lot of early game aggressive followers. Because of this, Storm Haven relies very heavily on amulet followers with Storm (hence the name) to apply pressure to the opponent. In combination with early game amulets and some countdown reducers, this deck can kill an opponent in the blink of an eye!

Seraph Havencraft is a special deck, as it utilizes the game's first alternate win condition with its titular card, the Enstatued Seraph. This deck does not heavily focus on dealing damage to your opponent. Instead, its singular purpose is to win the game though its automatic win condition!