Havencraft Guide and Decks


Deck Archetypes

Class Overview

Havencraft is a class that specializes in countdown amulets. Countdown amulets can be used for a variety of effects such as drawing cards, destroying and banishing opponents followers, summoning very powerful followers, or even flat out winning the game!

Class Staples

Deck Archetypes

Golden City Havencraft uses the invocation of Golden City to its fullest potential! Once it is in play, you can speed up your amulet development much faster! In combination with Holy Mage, you can play a bunch of amulets and create a huge follower that is very difficult for your opponent to get rid of to finish them off. If you are looking for a really fun, cost effective deck, look no further than this!

Elana Havencraft is unlike the other iterations of Havencraft. Rather than focus on many amulets to overwhelm the opponent, this deck only focuses on a single amulet. Elana's Prayer. Combined with followers and spells that heal your leader,Elana's Prayer is capable of creating incredibly large followers that can be difficult for your opponent to beat!

Storm Haven is a deck that specializes in doing a high amount of burst damage in the mid-game. Unlike most aggressive decks, it does not have a lot of early game aggressive followers. Because of this, Storm Haven relies very heavily on amulet followers with Storm (hence the name) to apply pressure to the opponent. In combination with early game amulets and some countdown reducers, this deck can kill an opponent in the blink of an eye!