Runecraft Guide and Decks

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Deck by bryansakura
Posted 04-02
1,679 30,650
Runie destiny
Deck by bryansakura
Posted 03-29
3,796 15,600
[DBNE] GINGER RUNE (Rotation Format) - 16 winstreak in Masters Rank
Deck by MinakamiYuki
Posted 04-21
2,078 58,700
[DBNE] Burn Rune (Rotation Format) - Masters Rank
Deck by MinakamiYuki
Posted 03-30
11,765 18,350
Unlimited Aggro Mysteria Deck - A Rank
Deck by Psylawer
Posted 05-07
799 19,400
Class Overview

Runecraft is one of the few classes that have completely different play styles. 

1. Spellboost: Make your spells more powerful by casting other spells. They can cause the cost of a spell to be reduced or to increase the power of the spell itself!

2. Earth Rite: Focuses heavily on the concept of "Creation" and "Destruction" Use earth sigils to active powerful abilities!

Very rarely are both of them in the same deck so there are decks specifically designed around these 2 special mechanics!

Class Staples
Insight Insight 1

Insight is a card that is used to cycling through cards. It also helps with spellboosting your cards as well. This happens to be one of the best cards rune has access too because it can be used in a variety of different decks!

"I'm just a mage...who's as old as dirt!"

One of, if not the most, important Runecraft card in the game! This dirty old man is a powerhouse capable of dealing with multiple threats! At the cost of an evolution point and a mere 2PP, Levi can trade with an opponents follower on board and add a spell to your hand called Crimson Sorcery. A 1PP spell that does 3 damage to any target! That includes your opponents face. 

Since Levi adds a spell to your hand, he can be be used to help spellboost the spells in your hand but he is very capable of being used in decks that do not use spellboost!

Conjure Golem Conjure Golem 2


Conjure Golem is a special type of spell. It is a spell and a follower rolled into one package! While assisting you with spellboosting the cards in your hand, it summons a 2/2 golem that you can use to either deal damage to your opponent or help trade with your opponents followers.

Deck Archetypes:

Dimension Shift Runecraft is a deck that revolves around defeating your opponent by taking extra turns with its namesake card. It is one of the most difficult decks to pilot and requires a lot of practice. 

Daria Runecraft is a deck that uses the spellboost mechanic but in a different manner than the dimension shift deck. Daria Runecraft focuses heavily on spellboosting their followers instead to reduce their costs and make them easier to summon. With this deck, you can flood the board in a matter of just a few turns!

Burn Rune is a deck that uses various cards to literally burn your opponents to death. It also do very well against other aggressive decks. If you are interested in a simple deck with a ton of power, give this deck a try!