Shadowcraft Guide and Decks

Deck Archetypes:
User Created Decks
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Test budget midrange
Deck by vhutsup
Posted 06-20
249 26,150
Deck by krkr
Posted 06-15
315 16,300
Because why not
Deck by RColumbia
Posted 06-08
863 32,950
Rise of a lord
Deck by A_Clever_Monocle
Posted 06-01
516 18,450
budget midrange shadow for benningers
Deck by Larry7716
Posted 05-31
3,946 5,600
Class Overview

Shadowcraft focuses its efforts on generating tons of shadows! This means that shadowcraft often wants its followers killed. Your opponent has to be very careful about how they which followers they kill as generating too many shadows can allow you to trigger your necromancy abilities!

Class Staples
Phantom Howl Phantom Howl 4

"I'm coming...I'm coming...I'm coming...I'm coming...I'm coming...for you!"

One of, if not the most, feared shadow card in the game! While you have shadows, this card will summon ghosts that have storm. Those ghosts can hit your opponent directly for up to 5 burst damage (7 if you have an evolution point). Nothing more frightening than to see this card and you thought you had the game won. Phantom howl is almost a must have in many different shadow decks just for its raw power.

Cerberus Unevolved Cerberus 5

"Time to go a little wild!!"

A fun and devastating card when played at the right time, cerberus is capable of helping turn a game around just simply by being played. By adding her hand puppets Coco and Mimi into your hand, in combination with your followers can put a serious hurting on your opponents leader.

It is worthy of note that Cerberus along with her puppets help add to your shadow count as well!

Death's Breath Death's Breath 6

Ever want to just completely tell your opponent "no"? Well death's breath is the card to do it! With enough shadows, you can make an incredibly difficult to breakthrough wall of zombies that your opponent must deal with! You can certainly choose to play the card without the required number of shadows to create an army of zombies as well!

This card makes shadowcraft decks very difficult to beat! Whenever your followers die, they leave 1/1 skeletons behind. Did your opponent play an AOE? Oh well, you still have guys remaining on the board. He also counts himself too!

With the production of the additional followers, this can also help with your shadow count. So if you need to build a ton of shadows, this guy can help!

Deck Archetypes

Aggro Shadowcraft can be a challenging yet rewarding deck that does require a bit of practice to get down. It focuses very heavily on setting up combination plays rather than a full straight on approach which makes it different than other aggro decks!

Control Shadowcraft (Often referred to as Nephthys shadow) is a deck that is centered around its main card, Nephthys. By using her ability to kill her own followers, she pairs very well with shadows goal to generate shadows as well as provide an overwhelming shift in momentum when played due to creating so much board presence.

Midrange Shadowcraft is a powerful deck that focuses on putting heavy pressure on your opponent by making a seemingly endless stream of threats that your opponent cannot ignore! If you have ever felt like you wanted to summon a horde of endless skeletons and zombies, Midrange Shadowcraft just might be the deck for you!