Shadowcraft Guide and Decks


Deck Archetypes

Rotation and Unlimited
Midrange Shadowcraft
Arcus Shadowcraft
Reanimator Shadowcraft
Aggro Shadowcraft
Nephthys Shadowcraft

Class Overview

Shadowcraft focuses its efforts on generating tons of shadows! This means that shadowcraft often wants its followers killed. Your opponent has to be very careful about how they which followers they kill as generating too many shadows can allow you to trigger your necromancy abilities!

Deck Archetypes

Aggro Shadowcraft can be a challenging yet rewarding deck that does require a bit of practice to get down. It focuses very heavily on setting up combination plays rather than a full straight on approach which makes it different than other aggro decks!

Nephthys Shadowcraft is a deck that is centered around its main card, Nephthys. By using her ability to kill her own followers, she pairs very well with shadows goal to generate shadows as well as provide an overwhelming shift in momentum when played due to creating so much board presence. Because of how the deck works, it does suffer from some deck building restrictions to reach the most consistent outcomes.

Midrange Shadowcraft is a deck that relies on making wide and incredibly sticky boards that are difficult for your opponent to deal with. Through the use of cards such as Bone Chimera and Prince Catacomb, you can make boards that not only produce a lot of value but also generate a ton of shadows to help feed your necromancy abilities!