Swordcraft Guide and Decks

Deck Archetypes:
User Created Decks
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effe Midrange Sword
Deck by effe
Posted 08-17
0 35,450
Aggro SwordCraft
Deck by Sam
Posted 08-15
65 14,350
Midrange sword
Deck by HYbridX
Posted 08-14
48 26,000
Otohime Banner Swordcraft
Deck by SohayaQS
Posted 08-13
13 15,050
The Meta Breaker
Deck by somebody
Posted 07-30
13 49,550
Class Overview

Swordcraft is a highly follower based classed that uses the [Commander] and [Officer] traits. The traits themselves have no actual abilities but they are not without use. Commanders and officers support each other making this a very synergistic class!

Class Staples
Veteran Lancer Unevolved Veteran Lancer 2

Veteran Lancer is a 2/2 Ward. This is almost unheard of in shadowverse as this card has been known to thwart many aggro decks from their gameplan of our rushing sword. It is very capable of trading when it needs to and hitting your opponent in the face for 2 is nothing to scoff at!

"Sky knights! Prepare for battle!"

Quite possibly one of the most feared followers in the entire game. Albert is a card that is capable of stealing a game away from your opponent in the blink of an eye. With him having storm, when he comes out, he is hitting your opponent in the face Immediately.

His enhance effect makes him even deadlier because with an evolution point, he can deal 10 damage to your face because he is capable of attacking twice! Albert is almost a must include in every single sword list!

Quickblader Unevolved Quickblader 1

The only card of its type, Quickblader can immediately come out and attack your opponent the turn he is played. And since he is 1 PP, he is very good at getting damage in fast and early. He can even make going second more desirable than going first because you will get to get your damage in on your opponent first!

Novice Trooper Unevolved Novice Trooper 3

"The Battlefield Awaits!"

Novice trooper's roll in sword is incredibly invaluable, a 2/2 storm follower that can trade into an opponents threat without using an evolution point. Not only that but she does evolve, she becomes a respectable 4/4 that can deal a significant amount of damage to your opponent the turn that it is played!

Shield of flame is a very powerful early game removal spell. It is capable of dealing 3 damage to a follower your opponent controls and it can even do more damage as long as you have an ambush follower in play. You don't need to have an ambush follower for this card to be good because a 2 PP 3 damage removal spell is a very strong card on its own.

Deck Archetypes

Banner Sword is a very cheap and aggressive deck that is accessible to new and veteran players alike! The deck focuses on pumping the power of your small followers and pushing a large amount of damage through! If you are looking for a deck on a budget, this deck may be for you! The best thing about this deck is... it requires no legendaries!

Ever wanted to build the biggest wall of wards that you could? Control sword replaces its highly aggressive strategy with a massive wall of wards that make it difficult for your opponent do damage to you. While behind your massive wall, you build your strength so you can finish your opponent off with hard and heavy strikes!

Aggro Sword (or face sword for short) is a deck that is completely dedicated to hitting your opponent leader hard and fast! It uses its abilities to pump up your weaker followers so that they can spread around damage making it difficult for your opponent to remove a single threat! This variation of swordcraft is potentially one of the fastest decks in the game!

A new archetype introduced in wonderland dreams that utilizes sword's synergy with many powerful neutral cards to pressure your opponent and pump your followers! This is a different style of midrange build that relies on using Alice, Wonderland Explorer to make your neutral followers incredibly powerful!

Midrange Swordcraft is very similar to aggro swordcraft but it has some very glaring differences. Midrange swordcraft focuses less on the [officer] / [Commander] Synergy and more on strong followers that can hit the opponent very hard.