Swordcraft Guide and Decks


Deck Archetypes

Rotation and Unlimited
Midrange Swordcraft
Aggro Swordcraft
Usurpation Swordcraft
Spartacus Swordcraft

Class Overview

Swordcraft is a highly follower based classed that uses the [Commander] and [Officer] traits. The traits themselves have no actual abilities but they are not without use. Commanders and officers support each other making this a very synergistic class!

Deck Archetypes

Spartacus Swordcraft gets away from the traditional idea of swordcraft of going face and replaces it with an idea of winning the game through decking yourself out! The general idea of the deck is to draw a ton of cards and then play Spartacus as early as possible. Then, you draw cards and control the game to keep yourself alive long enough to be able to win the game through your alternate win condition!

Aggro Swordcraft is a lightning fast deck capable of winning as early as turn 5 on some games depending on the draw! This highly aggressive deck focuses on a single goal, flood the board with tons of small storm followers and Attack bonuses to push a massive amount of damage very early! This can be one of the most feared decks in the format even with an average draw! Did we mention that this deck is a very cheap deck to build as well??

Midrange Swordcraft in unlimited is not much different than it's rotation counterpart. The general gameplan is the same; use cards that allow you to put multiple followers into play at once and press that advantage to a win. It can be quite difficult for a player to clear a board of swordcraft followers if they don't have access to board wipes and even if they do, this deck is certainly capable of just filling the board up again!