Aggro Portalcraft

Deck Overview

Rotation Rating
3 / 5

Rotation Archetype Overview

Aggro Portalcraft is a very different style of portal deck! Since many of the different artifacts that you have in your deck are rather powerful, you can get a lot of direct damage in on your opponent pretty early by flooding out with cheap followers. As for finishing your opponent, you can finish them simply by flooding the board or using Artifact spark to deal damage directly!

Rotation Deck Sample

Card Cost Quantity
Magisteel LionFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Put 2 Analyzing Artifacts into your deck.
2 3
IcarusFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Put 2 Ancient Artifacts into your deck.
Evolve: Put a random Artifact card from your deck into your hand.
2 3
Devil of the GapsFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Fanfare: Choose - Put a Blade of Light or a Blade of Dark into your hand.
3 3
Spinaria, Keeper of EnigmasFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Summon a Spinaria's Artifact.
Whenever an allied Artifact follower comes into play, that follower gains, at the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower.
Whenever an allied Artifact follower comes into play, that follower gains, at the end of your turn, deal 1 damage to a random enemy follower.
5 3
Silva, Ardent SniperFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Accelerate (3): Put a follower that originally costs 3 play points or less from your hand into play. Give it Rush. Give your leader the following effect - On each of your turns, deal 1 damage to the enemy leader the first time an allied follower attacks. (This effect lasts for the rest of the match.)
7 3
Card Cost Quantity
SubstitutionSpell - Chronogenesis
Banish an enemy follower with 3 defense or less.
Put a Puppet into your hand.
3 3

Rotation Core Cards

Expansion: Chronogenesis
Expansion: Brigade of the Sky
Expansion: Brigade of the Sky
Expansion: Chronogenesis
Expansion: Dawnbreak, Nightedge
  • Silva, Ardent Sniper
    • Silva Ardent Sniper is finding her way in to pretty much every portal deck. in this deck specifically, she helps with the aggressive nature of it by allowing you to continuously deal chip damage to your opponent; softening them up for the finish. 
    • You can play it for it's ambush ability later in the game if you are having a difficult time closing the game out and need something that can hit really hard and is evasive. But the primary function in this deck is to use it for it's accelerate ability. 
  • Devil of the gaps 
    • This is actually quite a surprising card but it fits the aggressive strategy so well. More often than not, you will be using it to pump your smaller followers to push for big damage in the early to mid game. You don't really need it for defensive purposes because this is an aggro deck.
  • Artifact Spark
    • A very interesting inclusion but it does give you a really difficult to beat end game. Through the use of your artifacts, you can actually shoot your opponent for 4 damage. On top of the damage that you would also be doing using Silva and your followers, you can actually push for game really quickly with this card!
    • It is important to note that if you intend to play this card, you will need some artifacts in your hand. Although you can generally get away with just keeping one in your hand so you can cast the spark, if you don't have any artifacts, this card is literally a dead card. So hand management becomes very important when you are playing it.
  • Icarus / Magisteel Lion
    • Both of these cards will put artifacts into your deck to help with your aggressive gameplan. 
    • Icarus can actually pull out artifacts if you have her on evolution turns. Use this to help get cards to deal with your opponent's followers OR to help fill up the board.
    • Magisteel lions value is giving you analyzing artifacts, this can help you keep cards in your hand while still putting offensive pressure on your opponent.

Rotation Deck Mulligans

  • Goblin
  • Any 2 PP Follower
    • Magisteel lion is the preferred option here because it gives you access to playing the Analyzing artifact early. Icarus is also good for this as well to get the Ancient Artifacts but drawing cards is a lot better. 
    • Paracelsus is good to keep if you are going second. But you want to try and mulligan for as much 
    • Fervent Machine Soldier 
      • This is a good keep if you have a 1 and 2 PP follower. If you don't have a 2 PP follower that can put artifacts into your deck, mulligan this card.


General rule of thumb is to try and mulligan for the lowest curve possible with this deck. 

Rotation General Gameplan and Tips/Tricks

  • Silva, Ardent Sniper is basically your "Money Maker" with this deck. It helps set up doing chip damage throughout the course of the game to help with your aggressive game plan. 
  • Due to the low costs of your followers, you can flood the board very aggressively against your opponent. 
  • Artifact spark is a very good card for finishing the game out. However, it does require that you manage your hand properly in order to be able to play it. If you can, try to keep a few artifacts in hand to keep it as an option. Otherwise, it will just be a dead card that you cannot do anything with.