Aggro Shadowcraft

Aggro Shadowcraft
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Budget Aggro Shadow
Deck by loftydonkey
Posted 05-26
3,321 14,350
Aggro-Control Shadow
Deck by birdbuddy
Posted 05-11
1,664 21,500
Aggro Shadow
Deck by Paaain3
Posted 05-13
1,211 26,950
Aggro Tyrant/Minthe Shadowcraft
Deck by Gewmi
Posted 04-20
3,128 18,200
Sword Goblin
Deck by BlueIsHere
Posted 04-19
2,145 9,950
Deck Overview:

Aggro Shadowcraft can be a challenging yet rewarding deck that does require a bit of practice to get down. It focuses very heavily on setting up combination plays rather than a full straight on approach which makes it different than other aggro decks!

Deck Staples:

"They're so cute when they haunt!"

Rabbit necromancer is a pretty amazing card. Not only does it have very good aggressive stats, but it also punishes your opponent for killing it by dealing 2 damage directly to their leader! Despite this, your opponent must kill it because if they don't they will be taking a lot of damage on top of the 2 damage they would take when this card dies.

Shadow Reaper Unevolved Shadow Reaper 2

Shadow Reaper has the potential to be a very devastating card. When played, until the end of your opponents next turn, they cannot target it with any of their card effects. So the general idea is to play it when you have a massive board that your opponent has to deal with. That way, your shadow reaper gets gigantic and now your opponent has deal with it!

Skull Beast Unevolved Skull Beast 1

One of your primary sources of shadows for your deck. When this card dies, it can generate 3 shadows! Not only does this fuel your Phantom Howl for the late game, it also helps with you being able to trade with your opponents followers if you happen to have a Shadow Reeaper in play!

Orthrus Orthrus 4

Orthrus serves several functions in aggro shadow.

  1. Removal. Orthrus is capable of making something your opponent controls weaker or straight up killing it.
  2. Buff: In addition to being able to burn something when it comes into play, it can also increase the power of one of the followers you already have in play. This means that you can do even more damage to your opponent.
  3. Evolve Target: So you can evolve orthrus after using her ability to do damage ward follower so that you can press damage though to the opponents leader.

It should be stated that orthrus' ability does not target. This means it can hit ambush followers or cards that cannot be targeted!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Phantom HowlSpell
Necromancy (1): Summon a Ghost.
Repeat for remaining shadows or until your area is full. (An area can hold 5 cards.)
4 x 3
Soul ConversionSpell
Destroy an allied follower.
Draw 2 cards.
1 x 1
Card Cost Quantity
Dark ConjurerFollower
Fanfare: Summon a Ghost if an evolved allied follower is in play.
2 x 3
Spartoi SergeantFollower
Fanfare: Gain 1 shadow.
2 x 3
Skull BeastFollower
Last Words: Gain 1 shadow.
1 x 3
Skeleton FighterFollower
Necromancy (1): Gain +1/+1.
1 x 3
Fanfare: Put Coco and Mimi into your hand.
5 x 3
Rabbit NecromancerFollower
Last Words: Deal 2 damage to the enemy leader.
3 x 3
Shadow ReaperFollower
Fanfare: Gain Ambush until the end of your opponent's turn.
Whenever another allied follower is destroyed, gain +1/+1.
Whenever another allied follower is destroyed, gain +1/+1.
2 x 3
Priority Mulligans:

At least one 2-cost follower in the order of:

Spartoi Sergeant > Dark Conjurer > Lesser Mummy

Keep one 1-cost follower if turn two play is secured in the order of:

Skull Beast > Goblin > Skeleton Fighter

Keep one 3-cost follower if turn two play is secured and facing slower opponents in the order of:

Rabbit Necromancer

  • Shadow Reaper is not meant to be kept in your opening hand. You can keep it however if you manage to have several 1PP followers in your hand. 
Deck Progression:

Early Game:

Like many different aggro lists, your goal is to deal as much damage as you can to the enemy leader. You may use your followers to trade with your opponent to keep them low on board presence while you continue to pummel them. 

Always try to make the most of your play points. (Playing 1PP follower on turn 1, a turn 2PP follower on turn 2 etc) This ensures that you are playing on curve and are constantly putting out followers for your opponent to deal with. 

In many cases, you do not actually mind if your opponent trades with your followers in the early game because they are building up shadows for your Phantom Howl

If you have Shadow Reaper in play, you can trade much more favorably with your opponents followers to build its strength so that you can hit them with a massive ton of damage. Big shadow reapers are also very difficult to kill and require a significant amount of resources to do so.

Mid Game:

Your midgame is not much different than your early game with you continuing to fight through and push damage to your opponent. Use your evolutions to go as much face as you can but trade if needed.

During turn 5 is when the game really changes because you could potentially set up lethal the following turn by playing Cerberus followed by a Phantom Howl the next turn. Cerberus on 5 is quite possibly the most important play you could make during the game so you want to be playing it if you have it. 

In the event that your opponent is ahead of you, don't be afraid to use your phantom howl to clean up your opponents board. It could quite possibly save you from losing the game in an aggro vs aggro. 

Late Game:

During the late game, you will probably finish your opponent off pretty easily if you managed to play Cerberus on turn 5 and was able to deal damage to your opponent throughout the game. Below, there will a small guide for how you can do damage to your opponent with Cerberus and Phantom Howl

  • Coco + Mimi + Phantom Howl = 9 Damage (6 Play Points)
  • Coco + Mimi + Phantom Howl + Evolution Point = 11 Damage (6 Play Points)

The above math is assuming that Phantom Howl is at its maximum number of 5 shadows. If you manage to play more than 1 Cerberus, you can do up to 15 total damage using a single Phantom Howl.