Aggro Swordcraft

Aggro Swordcraft
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Speed things up
Deck by AnimeSky
Posted 09-22
336 22,800
Aggro Oldmanfrog Swordcraft
Deck by omni77
Posted 09-21
292 15,500
Aggro Sword
Deck by jeffsunday
Posted 09-12
1,603 15,550
Aggro SwordCraft
Deck by Sam
Posted 08-15
4,350 14,350
Budget Swordcraft Good Win Rate
Deck by Kryta_Newbie
Posted 08-08
2,335 8,700
Deck Overview:

Aggro Sword (or face sword for short) is a deck that is completely dedicated to hitting your opponent leader hard and fast! It uses its abilities to pump up your weaker followers so that they can spread around damage making it difficult for your opponent to remove a single threat! This variation of swordcraft is potentially one of the fastest decks in the game!

Deck Staples:

This card can summon 2 followers to the field. One has ward and the other has storm. This can give you the needed push in the later part of the game to help with you closing the game out.

Fencer Unevolved Fencer 3

When you play this, you can play it on any [Officer] follower and give than an additional boost. This helps a great deal with spreading around your stats!

Very Similar to Palace Fencer but very different. This can boost the power of a 1 Play Point follower, not just an officer! So this will work with your goblin or any other 1 PP follower you have in your deck. It is also a 1/3 meaning that it can be difficult to kill in the early game by your opponents followers.

White General Unevolved White General 4

White General is a solid card with decent stats. Where he shines is when he is increasing the power of your allied [officer]. Unlike Palace Fencer or Princess Vanguard, he can target any one of your officers!

Kunoichi Master is a new addition to the aggro line up! This card is an incredibly difficult card to deal with as it has ambush and it also summons a kunoichi trainee (which also has ambush). The potential damage that this card can do is massive although it does have the weakness of not being able to attack immediately. Either way, this card is a very strong turn 5 play for setting up those incredibly fast lethals this deck is capable of handing out!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Palace FencerFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Give +1/+0 to an allied Officer.
2 x 2
Princess VanguardFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Give +1/+0 to a 1-play point allied follower.
2 x 3
QuickbladerFollower - Standard
1 x 3
VanguardFollower - Standard 1 x 3
FencerFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Give +1/+1 to an allied Officer.
3 x 2
Novice TrooperFollower - Standard
3 x 3
White GeneralFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Give +2/+0 to an allied Officer.
4 x 2
Albert, Levin SaberFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Enhance (9): Can't be damaged until the end of the turn this card is played. Can attack twice per turn.
5 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Alwida's CommandSpell - Standard
Summon a Pirate and a Viking.
6 x 3
Priority Mulligans:
  •  Any 1 PP Follower. 1st. Quickblader 2nd. Vanguard 3rd. Goblin
  • Palace Fencer / Princess Vanguard (As long as you have a 1PP follower)
  • Fencer / Novice Trooper (Only if you have a 1PP / 2PP curve)
  • Mentor's Teachings (As long as you have a 1 or 2 PP followers)
Deck Progression:

Early Game:

  • If you can, avoid trading with your opponents followers as much as possible because this deck is not designed to do that.
  • Instead, focus on spreading around your stats and hitting your opponents leader directly. This deck is not designed to go to a late game so you want to get your damage in as early and as fast as possible!
  • Your 1 drops are going to be your primary pump targets while princess vanguard and palace fencer are your general pump effects for your 1 drop followers. 

Mid Game:

  • Use your evolution points to make your weenie followers bigger so they can do more damage. The usually tends to end around turn 5/6 turn 7 at the latest.

Late Game:

  • If you have not won the game by this time, it is very unlikely that you will be able to. This deck is very reliant on its early game but you can still draw and use storm followers to help finish out the game if your opponents health total is low. 

Examples of early turn play:

(please note that not every game is going to go like this. It is simply a guideline)

  • Turn 1: Play a 1PP Follower (Assuming Quickblader) and attack your opponent for 1.
  • Turn 2: Play Palace Fencer or Princess Vanguard buffing your quickblader and attack your opponent. 
  • Turn 3: Play Fencer on Quickblader and attack your opponent with your Palace Fencer or Princess Vanguard along with your quickblader. 
  • Turn 4: Play White General and target your quick blader. Attack your opponent with everything except for the white paladin(because it just came into play) If you are second, you can add to the damage by using an evolution point on turn 4. 

After this sequence of events, your opponent will be at a very low life total. If you notice, all of those additional stat increases went onto a single Quickblader. In some games, it may come down to you simply just pumping a single follower. With you spreading your stats around and making your followers stronger, its difficult for your opponent to keep pace with how fast you are moving!

As you can see, in the early part of the game, it is very possible to stack a large amount of damage onto a single [officer].