Artifact Portalcraft
Deck Overview
Rotation Rating
4 / 5
Rotation Archetype Overview

Artifact Portalcraft is a deck centralized on the use of Artifact cards unique to its class. Artifacts cards have powerful stats and abilities despite their low costs, and this deck aims to swarm the field and establish board control using these cards. Cards such as Analyzing Artifact, Hakrabi, and Deus Ex Machina ensure that you constantly have resources available. When behind in board presence, combine Acceleratium with Artifact cards to wipe out the opposing followers! Finally, finish the opponent off with Storm cards such as Radiant Artifact and Safira, Synthetic Beast!

Rotation Deck Sample
This is a sample decklist. Feel free to make changes based on your preferences.
Shadowverse Portal Link
Card Cost Quantity
MetaproductionSpell - Chronogenesis
Put an Analyzing Artifact into your deck.
At the end of your turn, draw a card.
1 3
BiofabricationSpell - Chronogenesis
Subtract 1 from the cost of an Artifact card in your hand.
Put 3 copies of that Artifact card into your deck.
0 2
SubstitutionSpell - Chronogenesis
Banish an enemy follower with 3 defense or less.
Put a Puppet into your hand.
3 3
Card Cost Quantity
Magisteel LionFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Put 2 Analyzing Artifacts into your deck.
2 3
HamelinFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Choose a follower in your hand (excluding Hamelin) that originally costs 3 play points or less. Put a copy of that follower into your hand.
2 3
Mech Wing SwordsmanFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Randomly put 2 of the following cards into your deck: Analyzing Artifact, Ancient Artifact, Mystic Artifact, Radiant Artifact.
2 2
IcarusFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Put 2 Ancient Artifacts into your deck.
Evolve: Put a random Artifact card from your deck into your hand.
2 3
Miriam, Synthetic BeingFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
If you have at least 2 play points and Resonance is active for you, Choose: Play this card as either a L'Ange Miriam or a La Diablotine Miriam.
2 3
Iron Staff MechanicFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Put 2 Mystic Artifacts into your deck.
3 1
Fervent Machine SoldierFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Put a random Artifact card from your deck into your hand.
3 3
HakrabiFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Put a random Artifact card from your deck into your hand. Repeat once if Resonance is active for you.
5 3
Safira, Synthetic BeastFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Enhance (10) - Evolve this follower and this follower's attack is 0 until the end of the turn. This value equals the number of allied Artifact cards destroyed during this match.
6 3
Deus Ex MachinaFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Give your leader the following effects - Whenever you play an Artifact card recover 1 play point. At the end of your turn, if Resonance is active for you, discard your hand and draw 6 cards. (These effects are not stackable and last for the rest of the match.)
6 3
Ironforged FighterFollower - Chronogenesis
Fanfare: Put 2 Radiant Artifacts into your deck.
4 1
Card Cost Quantity
AcceleratiumAmulet - Chronogenesis
Countdown (3)
Whenever an allied Artifact follower comes into play, give it Rush.
Whenever you play an Artifact card recover 1 play point.
1 3
Rotation Core Cards
Expansion: Chronogenesis
Expansion: Chronogenesis
Expansion: Chronogenesis
Expansion: Chronogenesis

Acceleratium: This amulet allows the archetype to have superb board-wiping capabilities. It is best to set this amulet on the board in the mid or late-game, when you have enough artifacts to play.

Safira, Synthetic Beast: The main finisher of this deck build. The lethality of this card is dependent on the number of your Artifacts destroyed during the game, so it is very important to trade with Artifacts many times in the mid-game.

Deus Ex Machina: Without a doubt, this is the most important card in the deck. This card allows you to play Artifacts for an even lower cost (indirectly via PP recovery) and replenishes your hand every turn (if Resonance is active)!

Other Candidates for the Deck

Nilpotent Entity: An amulet that can prevent burst damage. If the meta is full of cards such as Lindwurm and Giant Chimera, having a copy or two of this amulet would help.

Ironforged Fighter: Recommended if you would rather finish the game off using multiple Radiant Artifacts, instead of Safira, Synthetic Beast. Having a mixture of these two finishers would work as well.

Magna Legacy: Another candidate for board-wiping effects. Currently seeing less use, due to its overlapping purpose with Acceleratium + Artifact combos.

Rotation Deck Mulligans

Metaproduction: A solid first turn play to put Analyzing Artifact in your deck. It is generally a good card to keep, especially if you have Miriam, Synthetic Being or Fervent Machine Soldier.

Magisteel Lion/Mech Wing Swordsman/Icarus: A 2-cost 2/2 is always a solid keep target, and these cards are no exception. Specifically, Magisteel Lion is top priority, followed by Icarus.

Miriam, Synthetic Being/Fervent Machine Soldier: These two serve as low-cost Artifact searchers, so keeping these in combination with the above mulligan targets can ensure you plays for future turns.

Deus Ex Machina: In most matchups, you would want to keep this card because it is, by far, the most important engine of the deck.

Rotation General Gameplan and Tips/Tricks


Put Artifacts in the deck: Majority of Artifacts can only be accessed after putting it in the deck first. Therefore, this would be your first priority! You can also search a few out with Miriam, Synthetic Being and Fervent Machine Soldier to establish early board presence. If you do not have Deus Ex Machina in your hand early in the game, be careful of putting too many Artifacts in the deck; it certainly reduces your chance of drawing Deus!

If possible, keep note (or at least an estimate) of how many of each Artifact is in the deck!


Control the board: Your main goal with this deck is to grind out and win the “war of attrition”. To get there, access the Artifacts that you put in the deck in the early game using cards such as Hakrabi and Deus Ex Machina, give them Rush abilities using Acceleratium, and annihilate the opposing followers!

To Resonance or not to Resonance:  One of the challenges to piloting this deck is the management of your Resonance state, especially when Deus’ ability is active. If you need a fresh hand, you want to be in Resonance (even number of cards in deck), whereas not in Resonance (odd number of cards in deck) if you want to keep the cards in your hand. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how to adjust the number of cards in your deck.

Add/Subtract 1 card to/from deck

Add/Subtract 2 cards to/from deck

Add 3 cards to deck


Finishers: If the mid-game is played well, it’s about time your opponent is running out of resources! It is time to finish your opponent off and here are some ways you can achieve this:

1. Use Safira, Synthetic Beast’s Enhance ability to unleash burst damage

2. Use multiple Radiant Artifacts for quick Storm damage

3. Dominate the field with the virtually indestructible Prime Artifact (can be banished)

4. Swarm the field with smaller Artifact cards; if your opponent gets rid of them all, Safira gets even bigger!

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Metaproduction and Deus’ ability interacts in an interesting way.  Metaproduction is an interesting card because it momentarily shifts your Resonance status (Resonance → Not, Not → Resonance), but shifts it back at the end of the turn, assuming no other manipulations. At the end of the turn, Deus’ leader ability activates BEFORE the draw off of Metaproduction. For example, Metaproduction adds 1 Analyzing Artifact to deck, and let us assume this puts you at Resonance. If you end your turn, Deus’ ability will discard your entire hand and draw 6 cards, then the draw off of Metaproduction will activate.

  • Much simpler than the previous example, remember that while Acceleratium and Deus’ ability is activated, you recover 2 PP every time a follower is played. Therefore, be careful not to waste your PP by playing a 1-PP Artifact first, because this would cause you lose out on 1 PP.

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