Avatar Haven

New Expansion!
Avatar Haven
Deck Archetypes:
Archetypes Rating
Storm Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Aegis Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Elana Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Seraph Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Guardian Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Neutral / Alice Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Avatar Haven New
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Deck Overview:

Avatar Haven is a deck based around the usage of Amulets! Your major goal is to kill your own Heresy Avatar so that your amulets can automatically pop on their own! After that, each of your amulets will pop on their own the moment they are played!

Deck Staples:

A brand new haven legendary that may actually be the answer that haven players have been hoping for! When this badboy dies, you gain the permanent effect of being able to pop each and everyone of your amulets the moment they come into play! So in combination with Zodiac Demon, you can kill this immediately and have its permanent effect for the remainder of the game!

A brand new card to haven's 1 drop slot. It will search for a random amulet and add it to your hand. For this style of deck, this is incredibly valuable because this deck has a lot of amulets in it. This helps then out your deck as well to help you get to your win condition as quickly as possible!

It also has the added bonus of drawing a card after it goes away. So even after its been played, it still maintains some use and generates card advantage!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Globe of the StarwaysAmulet - Starforged Legends
Countdown (3)
Fanfare: Put a random Countdown amulet from your deck into your hand.
Last Words: Draw a card.
1 x 3
Sacred PleaAmulet - Standard
Countdown (3)
Last Words: Draw 2 cards.
1 x 3
Tarnished GrailAmulet - Tempest of the Gods
Countdown (3)
Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to all followers.
Last Words: Randomly put 3 of the following 4 cards into your hand: Servant of Darkness, Silent Rider, Dis's Damnation, and Astaroth's Reckoning.
8 x 2
Card Cost Quantity
Unicorn Dancer UnicaFollower - Darkness Evolved
At the start of your turn, restore 2 defense to your leader.
At the start of your turn, restore 2 defense to your leader.
2 x 3
Priest of the CudgelFollower - Standard
Evolve: Banish an enemy follower with 3 or less defense.
4 x 3
Heresy's AvatarFollower - Starforged Legends
Last Words: Destroy every Countdown amulet immediately after you play it. (This effect lasts for the rest of the match.)
Last Words: Destroy every Countdown amulet immediately after you play it. (This effect lasts for the rest of the match.)
7 x 2
Zodiac DemonFollower - Starforged Legends
Fanfare: Put a follower that originally costs 7 play points or less from your hand into play and destroy it. Deal X damage to a random enemy follower. If no enemy followers are in play, deal X damage to the enemy leader instead. X equals the attack of the destroyed allied follower.
7 x 2
Priority Mulligans:
  • Sacred Plea / Globe of the Starways 
  • Unicorn Dancer Unica
  • Red Hot Boots / Blackened Scripture (if going second)
  • Priest of the cudgel (if going second)
  • Beastcall Aria (Better kept if you go first than if you go second but this is match up dependent)
Deck Progression:

Early game

  • Use your removal spells like blackened scripture and Red Hot Boots to keep your opponents board clear of threats. 
  • Try to get down your sacred plea / Globe of the Starways down as early as possible. You want to be drawing through a lot of cards with this deck
  • Place down beast call aria to begin applying some type of pressure to your opponent. This can help you generate some type of tempo throughout the game. Remember though, you do not absolutely have to play Beastcall Aria 
  • Use your Unica to force your opponent into having to deal with it. It can be quite the nuisance if left unchecked by them. 

Mid Game

  • Use your Priest of the cudgel to maintain board or take tempo back from your opponent. 
  • If you are going first, tribunal of good and evil can be an excellent way of dealing with your opponents followers as well. 
  • The mid game for this deck is rather straight forward. You don't really have to burn too many of your evolution points because you have so many removal options. But in the event that you do need to use them, try to get as much value as you can out of your evolution points.

Late game

  • Use Themis's Decree to clear the board. This can be incredibly helpful to allow you to set up your end game. 
  • your goal here is to use your heresy Avatar and kill it. For ways to do this, look below.
  • Use Tarnished Grail to close out the game. 

Zodiac Demon + Heresy Avatar Interaction

When Zodiac Demon is played, you can select heresy's avatar in your hand. This will allow you to: 

1. Kill your own avatar

2. Get the last words effect of the avatar

3. Potentially deal a large amount of damage to an opposing follower or to your opponent!