Banner Swordcraft

Banner Swordcraft
Deck Archetypes:

There are currently no decks for this class/archetype since the release of the Tempest of the Gods expansion, check back soon :)

User Created Decks
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Budget Bannercraft
Deck by thaiger10
Posted 05-24
1,308 6,850
Deck by Kevin_McHale
Posted 04-29
2,290 10,750
Banner Sword
Deck by The Law
Posted 04-12
2,396 14,300
The Legacy of Frog
Deck by Saint
Posted 03-31
17,817 4,600
Deck Overview:

Banner Sword is a very cheap and aggressive deck that is accessible to new and veteran players alike! The deck focuses on pumping the power of your small followers and pushing a large amount of damage through! If you are looking for a deck on a budget, this deck may be for you! The best thing about this deck is... it requires no legendaries!

Deck Staples:
Royal Banner Royal Banner 4

Royal Banner is an interesting card. It is a commander on its own, it pumps your followers that come into play AND it also pumps your followers when it comes into play! While it only pumps your [Officer] followers, your entire deck will be centered around this so all of your followers will get the stat bonus from Royal Banner!

A 1/1 for 3 With bane. Doesn't seem all that impressive but when you have a commander in play, she gets storm! As long as you have Royal banner in play, this card will always have storm. It can be used as a finisher against your opponent, or you can use it to kill troublesome followers that your opponent has in play.

Maid Leader Unevolved Maid Leader 2

Maid Leader is a perfect candidate for this deck because the only commander in it is...You guessed it! Royal Banner! Whenever you want to search for your banner, you can play this, dig it out of your deck and now you have access to your banner!

Oathless Knight is a pretty strong card in banner because it produces 2 bodies! You get 2 1/1's but with banner in play, they become 2/1's! Since the power if spread between 2 bodies, it makes it a little harder for your opponent to kill them both. This can be a good way of keeping followers on board in the early game so you can play your royal banner on turn 4.

It's a 2/1 when it comes out on its own but when you have royal banner in play, it becomes a 3/1 with storm because banner is a commander!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Royal BannerAmulet
Fanfare: Give +1/+0 to allied Officers.
Give +1/+0 to all allied Officers that come into play.
4 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Maid LeaderFollower
Fanfare: Put a random Commander from your deck into your hand.
2 x 3
1 x 3
VanguardFollower 1 x 3
Centaur VanguardFollower
Fanfare: Gain Storm if you have a Commander in play.
2 x 2
Ruthless AssassinFollower
Fanfare: Gain Storm if you have a Commander in play.
3 x 2
Oathless KnightFollower
Fanfare: Summon a Knight.
2 x 3
Novice TrooperFollower
3 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Alwida's CommandSpell
Summon a Pirate and a Viking.
6 x 3
Priority Mulligans:
  • Maid Leader (Takes priority over other 2 PP followers in this deck)
  • Any 1PP / 2PP followers
  • Novice Trooper 
  • Floral Fencer (If going second)
Deck Progression:

Early Game

You want to be playing much more aggressively so getting your 1PP and 2PP followers in play is really good as early as possible. The game plan with this deck is to get your Royal Banner in play as quickly as turn 4. The other thing you want to be doing is making sure you have followers in play during the turn you are playing banner because you do not want to lose tempo. You want to be hitting them hard and fast. 

Mid Game

Get your royal banner out asap! Assuming you still have followers in play from the early game flood, you want to be buffing them when you are able. 

There is a time and a place for when you play banner. If you are playing against a control deck, you can get away with playing banner on an empty board because the match is pretty slow. However, if your opponent is playing aggro, your priority should be to use your evolution points and your followers to keep your opponents board under control. Then play your banner once you have control of the board. 

Late Game

Be careful of your opponent board wipes and continue to pressure them with your increased power followers.Your opponent will have no choice but to wipe them away or they will lose the game! 

Notes on Deck Construction

You can run this deck with Albert, Levin Saber. It will affect the way that Maid Leader pulls your Royal Banner's. However it does give you additional burst damage to your opponents face when you need it!

Using followers such as Ascetic Knight and Oathless Knight can help you maintain a board presence because they create more than one follower when they come into play.

Ruthless assassin and Centaur Vanguard both gain storm if you have a commander in play. So they can also be used to deal burst damage to your opponents while banner is in play. As Albert is a commander, they also synergize with him as well (Assuming that you are indeed playing Albert in your deck).