Chimera Runecraft

New Expansion!
Chimera Runecraft
Deck Archetypes:
Archetypes Rating
Burn Earthrite Runecraft
Updated for SFL
D-Shift Runecraft
Updated for SFL
Daria Runecraft
Updated for SFL
Neutral/Alice Runecraft
Updated for SFL
Dimensional Daria Runecraft
Updated for SFL
Chimera Runecraft New
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User Created Decks
Deck Date Sort ascending Views Cost
~OTK~ Chimera DS (Esp)
Deck by GO John
Posted 09-30
3,008 17,550
troll chimera
Deck by windwolf
Posted 10-01
1,578 28,900
[Master] D-Shift Chimera Hybrid Deck
Deck by Furo
Posted 09-29
5,834 20,800
Chimera Dshift Deck
Deck by Shadowys
Posted 09-29
2,915 25,200
D.shift Giant Chimera Hybrid
Deck by Urneil
Posted 09-28
3,760 23,850
Deck Overview:

A combo / control style deck with a big big bite! Instead of running dimension shift, you have the ability to completely blow your opponent out of the water with the brand new card Giant Chimera! Shut down your opponents options and then blow them up!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
InsightSpell - Standard
Draw a card.
1 x 3
Commence ExperimentSpell - Standard
Summon an Earth Essence.
1 x 3
Conjure GolemSpell - Standard
Summon a Clay Golem.
2 x 3
Kaleidoscopic GlowSpell - Standard
Return a card that costs 2 play points or less to the player's hand.
Draw a card.
2 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Timeworn Mage LeviFollower - Darkness Evolved
Evolve: Put a Crimson Sorcery into your hand.
2 x 2
Abomination AwakenedFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Can't attack.
If the number of cards in your hand increases to 9 during your turn, evolve this follower and deal 3 damage to all enemy followers.
(Can attack.)
3 x 3
LokiFollower - Starforged Legends
Fanfare: The next time you play an allied follower with Fanfare, Necromancy, Enhance, or Earth Rite abilities that activate upon being played from hand (excluding targeted effects), activate those abilities one more time. (This effect is not stackable.)
8 x 2
Giant ChimeraFollower - Starforged Legends
Fanfare: Deal 3 damage divided between all enemies. Start with the follower that came into play earliest and deal damage equal to its defense to the follower, then distribute remaining damage to each follower equal to their defense in the order that followers came into play. After the final follower takes damage, deal remaining damage to the enemy leader.
Spellboost: Deal 1 more damage.
9 x 3
Priority Mulligans:
  • Insight / Mystic Ring
  • Kaleidoscopic Glow  (If going second)
  • Giant Chimera: You want this as early as possible
  • Chain of calling (if you don't already have giant Chimera)
  • At least 1 of any card in your hand that can be spellboosted: Only if you do not have Giant Chimera in hand
Deck Progression:

Early Game


  • Wind Blast
  • kaleidoscopic Glow 
    • This is more of a way of stealing tempo from your opponent. It is not permanent removal but it does keep damage off of you in the early game which is important. 
  • Magic Missile
    • Not purely removal. This will go face more often than not but at the very least, it will give you an option to kill off one of your opponents weaker followers. 

Early Game Followers

  • Timeworn Mage Levi
    • You can play this early game to gain tempo but it is usually best saved for evolution turns. 
  • Abomination Awakened
    • With the ability to draw so many cards, this card will be very strong at clearing your opponents boards and being a massive follower for them to have to deal with. 
  • Conjure Golem
    • A follower that is played from a spell so it will help you spellboost your cards. 


Mid Game

During the mid game, your early game cards become much better due to the fact that you would very likely have played through a substantial amount of cards to spellboost. Your only goal during the mid game is to keep the board clear as much as possible. Fiery Embrace becomes a valid removal option here as well.

Primary Evolution targets

  • Timeworn Mage Levi
    • This is really the only card that you want to be burning evolution points on due to it giving you incredible value. However Conjure Golem / Guardian could be good in a pinch if you really need to get rid of an opponents follower.

Late Game

Game Finishers

  • Giant Chimera
    • Throughout the game, you will have spellboosted a significant amount that this card should deal a massive amount of damage after being played
    • In combination with Loki, this card can deal an incredibly high amount of damage! Even potentially OTK your opponent.