Guardian Havencraft

Guardian Havencraft
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Guardian Hybrid Havencraft
Deck by Guardistack
Posted 08-17
478 27,900
Deck Overview:

Guardian Sun Havencraft is a highly defensive deck that is designed to be able to fight against heavy aggressive decks. Using its signature amulet Guardian Sun, it can keep putting up walls that can be difficult for your opponent to breakthrough!

Deck Staples:
Guardian Sun Guardian Sun 2

Guardian Sun is main card in the deck (hence the name). The ideal situation with guardian sun is that you are able to play it as early as possible to begin taking advantage of it. This will allow your bigger followers to immediately come into play and gain ward.

It is worth noting that Guardian sun can be a tempo loss on certain turns so it is important to find safe spaces where the card can be played with little loss to your tempo.

It works with guardian sun and allows you to change your deck into the [Apocalypse] Deck! This deck packs some of the most powerful cards in the game!

It should be stated that it can be pretty difficult to land this bad boy but once you do, your opponent has to be very worried! Death is near in only a matter of turns!

Radiance Angel Unevolved Radiance Angel 5

Radiance Angel is a staple in many haven lists but it plays a vital role in guardian sun decks. His stats aren't too impressive but radiance angel has the defense required to trigger guardian sun. Not only that, but he helps you draw through your deck to continue drawing threats.

Grandpa Banish in full effect! This card banishes a follower, draws 1 a card so it replaces itself in your hand and with guardian sun in play, it can gain ward! This card is the whole package and is highly recommended in any and all guardian sun lists.

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Guardian SunAmulet - Standard
Whenever an allied follower with at least 4 defense comes into play, give it Ward.
2 x 2
Sacred PleaAmulet - Standard
Countdown (3)
Last Words: Draw 2 cards.
1 x 3
Beastcall AriaAmulet - Darkness Evolved
Countdown (3)
Last Words: Summon a Holy Falcon and a Holyflame Tiger.
2 x 3
March Hare's TeatimeAmulet - Wonderland Dreams
Countdown (4)
Fanfare: Summon a Tin Soldier.
Last Words: Summon a Tin Soldier.
5 x 1
Card Cost Quantity
Themis's DecreeSpell - Standard
Destroy all followers.
6 x 3
Blackened ScriptureSpell - Standard
Banish an enemy follower with 3 defense or less.
2 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Temple DefenderFollower - Standard
During the opponent's turn, subtract 1 from any damage dealt to this follower.
During the opponent's turn, subtract 1 from any damage dealt to this follower.
3 x 3
Radiance AngelFollower - Darkness Evolved
Fanfare: Restore 3 defense to your leader.
Draw a card.
5 x 3
Snake PriestessFollower - Standard
2 x 3
Judge of RetributionFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Fanfare: Banish an enemy follower with 3 defense or less. Then draw a card.
6 x 2
Priest of the CudgelFollower - Standard
Evolve: Banish an enemy follower with 3 or less defense.
4 x 2
Ancient Lion SpiritFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Evolve: Deal 2 damage to all enemy followers.
5 x 2
Priority Mulligans:
Deck Progression:

Early Game:

For the most part, you want to spend the early game keeping damage off of you as much as possible. You want to use your early wards to block off your opponents followers. If you have a guardian sun, you can try to get it down as soon as possible as well. This deck is focuses on the long haul so most of your time will be spent trading with your opponents followers if you do not have early game wards. 

Mid Game:

Your mid game is rather dependent on whether or not you landed your Guardian Sun. 

Guardian Sun in play: Your 4 or higher defense followers now gain ward due to guardian sun being in play, so you can continue to keep your opponent out. Use cards like Radiance Angel or March Hare Teatime to keep your health total up and in junction with guardian sun, to have a ward that your opponent will have a difficult time breaking through.. 

Guardian Sun not in play: If you do not have guardian sun in play, you will have to do your best to keep your life total up and trade with your opponents followers until you can gain control of the board. Use your Priest of the Cudgel and Ancient Lion Spirit to achieve this task. 

As long as your opponent is limited on resources and the ability to break through your defenses, you can take the opportunity to do some damage to your opponent. Because you will have a massive defensive wall, your opponent weak followers don't mean as much so you may not have to focus on using evolution points or trading to get rid of them. 

Late Game:

Use cards such as Themis's Decree and Dark Jeanne to help keep the board clean of your opponents followers. This deck thrives on your opponents inability to maintain a board and also does a great job of walling them when they do not have any way to break through or ignore your wards. Once you are sufficiently protected, you can slam your win condition and take over the game from there!

Deck Building Philosophy

Since Guardian Sun is dependent on the amulet to properly function, the rest of the deck must be built around the idea of using it. Using 4 or higher toughness followers such as: 

You also can run alternative wards as well to help you when you do not get Guardian Sun. These cards include: 

Viable Win Conditions

Please keep in mind when building guardian sun that you want to be able to have your deck function even if you do not have the guardian sun. Making your deck too reliant on it could be a mistake and cause issues with consistency.