Midrange Shadowcraft

Mid Range Shadowcraft
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Test budget midrange
Deck by vhutsup
Posted 06-20
328 26,150
Because why not
Deck by RColumbia
Posted 06-08
891 32,950
budget midrange shadow for benningers
Deck by Larry7716
Posted 05-31
4,115 5,600
Consistent Aggressive Midrange
Deck by zergy
Posted 05-30
1,601 33,200
5500 vials Midrange Shadow
Deck by Damacon
Posted 05-28
1,871 5,500
Deck Overview:

Midrange Shadowcraft is a powerful deck that focuses on putting heavy pressure on your opponent by making a seemingly endless stream of threats that your opponent cannot ignore! If you have ever felt like you wanted to summon a horde of endless skeletons and zombies, Midrange Shadowcraft just might be the deck for you!

Deck Staples:

Quite possibly, the most defining card in this deck! This card can literally fill your entire board with followers. If that wasn't bad enough, he can give your new found zombies rush AND a power boost!

If you have followers on board already, he can set up somewhat surprise lethals and in combination with prince catacomb, you can keep followers on board almost indefinitely because your opponent will have a very difficult time killing them all!

This deck generates tons of shadows due to your opponent consistently trying to kill all of your followers. Because of this, Little Soulsquasher is an amazing card for this deck! Use it to break through your opponents evolved wards or kill a big follower that could be a problem for you!

Zombie Party Zombie Party 2

Zombie party can be good for helping deal with early game threats and wards. It can also be used later in the game as a card to help you generate some board presence against your opponent. I can be used as a set up for finishing your opponent with Demonlord Eachtar!

A cornerstone to Midrange Shadowcraft. Prince Catacomb is heavily understated being a 4 cost but he more than makes up for it with his ability to make your board incredibly resistant to your opponents removal. They blow up the board? You don't even care as your cards will just return to the field as 1/1 skeletons. Use this card to help increase the amount of pressure you put on your opponent!

Gameplay Demo
Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Death's BreathSpell
Summon 3 Zombies.
Necromancy (6): Give +0/+1 and Ward to allied Zombies.
6 x 3
Zombie PartySpell
Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.
Enhance (7): Then summon 3 Zombies.
2 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Shadow ReaperFollower
Fanfare: Gain Ambush until the end of your opponent's turn.
Whenever another allied follower is destroyed, gain +1/+1.
Whenever another allied follower is destroyed, gain +1/+1.
2 x 3
Prince CatacombFollower
Fanfare: Give all allied followers Last Words: Summon a Skeleton.
4 x 3
Little SoulsquasherFollower
Necromancy (4): Destroy an evolved enemy follower.
2 x 3
Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to a random enemy follower. Then give +2/+0 to a random allied follower.
4 x 3
Skull BeastFollower
Last Words: Gain 1 shadow.
1 x 3
Bone ChimeraFollower
Last Words: Summon two Skeletons.
Last Words: Summon two Skeletons.
3 x 3
Priority Mulligans:
  • Any 1 PP followers 
  • Any 2 PP Followers
  • Prince Catacomb (Only if you have a 1PP or 2PP follower in hand, otherwise mulligan it)
  • Shadow Reaper (If you have 2 1PP followers in hand)
  • Zombie Party (can be kept if you are going second, otherwise mulligan)
Deck Progression:

Early Game:

Focus on filling the board with followers. Use your 1 PP and 2 PP followers to attack your opponent and keep them on the defensive. As soon as you are able, you want to put your prince catacomb into play to help protect your board. 

Don't be afraid to use your zombie party to clean out your opponents board.

Making sure you have a strong curve is one of the keys to winning with this deck. On turn 3, If you manage to have Shadow Reaper in your hand with at least 2 followers in play, you can play the reaper. Something very important to remember about Shadow Reaper is that it is very reliant on you have a good board so if you don't have one, don't play it! It can make the difference between you winning or losing the game!

Otherwise, You can rely on you bone chimera as your premiere 3 PP follower. Since Prince Catacomb now costs 4, this essentially replaces it as your 3 drop.

Mid Game:

Prince Catacomb can be played during this time as well if you have a big enough board to keep your opponent under pressure.

Another thing you can do during the mid game is focus on building your Shadow Reaper. You can trade your smaller followers into your opponents stuff to clear board, build shadows and create a gigantic Shadow Reaper

On any available turn, you can play your Cerberus.to add coco and mimi to your hand. These will help you with doing additional burst damage to your opponent during the later turns of the game. 

If your opponent has a big evolved ward or some other follow that is in your way,Little Soulsquasher is very good at dealing with those if you have the shadows because it does not require you to use an evolution point.

Late Game:

While this deck is certainly capable of winning in the mid game, the late game is where this deck is very difficult to beat because of one card, Demonlord Eachtar. Once this bad boy comes down, the game could either end right on the spot, or you will be setting up to kill them during the next turn. 

Deaths breath is one of the cards that can be used a turn before you play your demonlord. If your opponent doesn't clear them, you can deal a massive amount of damage to your opponent with your zombies Death's Breath can also protect you from dying on the spot to your opponent if you are fortunate. Zombie Party enhanced can fit the same role as well but will cause you to wait an additional turn before playing your demonlord.

With prince catacomb and shadow reaper, you could make your zombies incredibly difficult do deal with because your opponent will be unable to keep up with the amount of board presence you are putting forth. Some Decks will even opt to use cards such as Immortal Thane or Phantom Howl to put additional pressure on your opponent. Phantom Howl with Cerberus is a very devastating combo