Neutral Bloodcraft

Neutral Bloodcraft

Deck Overview

Rotation Rating
3 / 5

Unlimited Archetype Overview

Neutral Blood is a little different than the other variations of Neutral decks. While it is capable of playing the same neutral followers that if played on curve can be incredibly difficult to deal with, bloodcraft gives the neutral package a different life with cards such as Razory Claw and Phantom cat, allowing players to burn their opponents out of the game using direct damage! This deck has very good comeback potential because of this and should be taken advantage of!

Unlimited Deck Sample

This is a sample decklist. Feel free to make changes based on your preferences.
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Card Cost Quantity
Wise MermanFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Fanfare: Give +1/+0 to an allied Neutral follower.
1 x 2
GoblinFollower - Standard 1 x 3
Actress FeriaFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Evolve: Give +1/+1 to all other allied Neutral followers.
2 x 2
Lyrial, Celestial ArcherFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Evolve: Deal 1 damage to an enemy.
2 x 3
Evelisia the FallenFollower - Starforged Legends
Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.
2 x 2
Legendary FighterFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Whenever another follower evolves, gain the ability to attack 2 times per turn.
Whenever you play a spell, gain Bane.
Whenever you play an amulet, gain Rush.
At the start of your turn, gain +8/+8 if this follower has the ability to attack 2 times per turn, Bane, and Rush.
(Same as the unevolved form.)
2 x 3
BaphometFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Fanfare: Put a random Bloodcraft follower from your deck into your hand.
2 x 3
Angel of the WordFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to an enemy.
3 x 3
Impartial StrixFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Fanfare: Gain +2/+2 if you have at least 20 Neutral cards remaining in your deck.
4 x 3
HectorFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Deal 3 damage to an enemy if you have at least 3 Neutral cards in your hand.
5 x 3
Phantom CatFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Draw 2 cards. Deal 2 damage to the enemy leader for each Neutral card drawn.
6 x 3
Emeralda, Demonic OfficerFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Destroy an enemy follower or amulet. Gain Storm if Vengeance is active for you.
7 x 1
Card Cost Quantity
Razory ClawSpell - Standard
Deal 2 damage to your leader and 3 damage to an enemy.
2 x 3
Snarling ChainsSpell - Starforged Legends
Deal 1 damage to both leaders.
Then deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.
2 x 3
Moon and SunSpell - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Choose: Summon either an Amaterasu or a Tsukuyomi.
Enhance (7): Give that follower +3/+3.
3 x 2

Unlimited Deck Mulligans

  • Any 1 PP Followers
    • Goblin is a much better 1 PP follower to play on the first turn than Wise Merman but you still can play Wise Merman if you don't have access to goblin right away. 
  • Any 2 PP Followers
    • Actress Feria and Lyrial Celestial Archer is generally the preferred 2 PP follower when you are going second. Otherwise Happy Pig is also a very good 2 PP follower for going first or second. 
  • Angel of the word / Angelic Knight
    • Both can be very strong tempo plays on turn 3. 
  • Impartial Strix

Unlimited General Gameplan and Tips/Tricks

  • Although this deck is not flooding out followers as quickly as some other aggressive line-ups, you still want to play as aggressively as possible. Wise Merman and Angelic Knight can help pump your early game followers to do big damage. 
  • Due to cards like angel of the word and hector, you have access to some very powerful early and midgame tempo plays. Make sure to use them to help keep your advantage. 
  • Actress Feria is a very strong card if you managed to keep at least 1-2 other neutral followers on board and you are on your evolution turn. Being able to increase your followers stats can in some cases help create blowouts vs your opponent!
  • Phantom Cat is one of the decks primary finisher cards. But even if it doesn't finish them off, you are still able to draw additional cards and that will allow you to stay in the game even if you haven't found away to kill them yet. 
  • Impartial Strix is an excellent inclusion to this deck because your opponent will have to expend a substantial amount of resources in order to deal with it. Its ability is also very easy to pull off because your deck is going to be mostly neutral cards anyway. Do be careful though as in the late game, you might not have enough neutral cards for his ability to activate. 

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