Neutral/Alice Bloodcraft

Neutral/Alice Bloodcraft
Deck Archetypes:
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Neutral 'Curve-out' Blood
Deck by shawnreed343
Posted 09-15
363 20,750
Neutral Blood
Deck by Pineappleofdoom94
Posted 08-13
160 20,600
Rip blood
Deck by Kuinran
Posted 08-04
37 24,250
new bloodcraft post nerf
Deck by evilbreath
Posted 07-30
114 23,550
Deck by RedJolti
Posted 07-30
18 26,000
Deck Overview:

Neutral / Alice Bloodcraft is a bit different than all of the other variations. This deck has the capability to be pretty controlling while being able to be proactive and put many threats onto the table. A highly adaptable deck that allows you to go from aggressive to defensive and back at the drop of a dime!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
GoblinFollower - Standard 1 x 3
Lyrial, Celestial ArcherFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Evolve: Deal 1 damage to an enemy.
2 x 3
Unicorn Dancer UnicaFollower - Darkness Evolved
At the start of your turn, restore 2 defense to your leader.
At the start of your turn, restore 2 defense to your leader.
2 x 3
Actress FeriaFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Evolve: Give +1/+1 to all other allied Neutral followers.
2 x 3
Angel of the WordFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to an enemy.
3 x 3
Alice, Wonderland ExplorerFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Give +1/+1 to all other allied Neutral followers in your hand and in play.
4 x 3
Scarlet SabreurFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower. Then restore 2 defense to your leader.
5 x 3
Phantom CatFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Draw 2 cards. Deal 2 damage to the enemy leader for each Neutral card drawn.
6 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Hungering HordeSpell - Rise of Bahamut
Choose an enemy follower. Deal 3 damage to it and all enemy followers of the same name.
2 x 2
Priority Mulligans:
  • Any 2PP Follower (Almost always prioritize neutral followers)
  • Alice Wonderland Explorer 
  • Any 3PP Follower
  • Any Early game removal spell (if you are going second)
Deck Progression:

Early game

  • You really want to focus on playing out your early curve. You want to start off aggressive as soon as possible.
  • When going second, use your removal spells to keep your opponent at bay until you can take initiative on your first evolution turn. 
  • Applying pressure to your opponent is your first priority, do not trade unless you absolutely have to or it is a value trade (trading when your follower does die after combat)


Mid Game

  • Play Alice, wonderland explorer if you have access to decent board of neutrals. This can help with pushing your board to difficult to break state as well as pump the neutral cards in your hand. 
  • Use Scarlet Sabruer to keep your life total up and control your opponents board as well. Since she has bane, she kills almost anything she touches. 
    • Gruff, Mountaineer Captain is very good here as well because it helps preserve your evolution points and can be pretty 

Late game

  • Use your Phantom cats to refill your hand and apply pressure. It has a big stat body so it can be difficult to get rid of. 
    • It is to be noted that the end of game for this deck is really straight forward. Although you do run Phantom cat and he can potentially close out games, this deck does suffer from burning out after a while due to the loss of tempo that takes place later in the game.