Neutral/Alice Forestcraft

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Neutral / Alice Forestcraft
Deck Archetypes:
Archetypes Rating
Roach Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
Neutral/Alice Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
Tempo Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
Aggro Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
White Wolf Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
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Deck Overview:

Unlike most Neutral decks, Neutral Forest is a pretty slow starting deck that doesn't focus on aggression. Rather, it focuses on hitting your opponent super hard and killing them, even in a single turn!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Unicorn Dancer UnicaFollower - Darkness Evolved
At the start of your turn, restore 2 defense to your leader.
At the start of your turn, restore 2 defense to your leader.
2 x 3
Purehearted SingerFollower - Starforged Legends
Fanfare and Last Words: Draw a card.
Last Words: Draw a card.
3 x 3
Lyrial, Celestial ArcherFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Evolve: Deal 1 damage to an enemy.
2 x 3
Actress FeriaFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Evolve: Give +1/+1 to all other allied Neutral followers.
2 x 3
Gourmet Emperor KhaizaFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Fanfare: Put an Ultimate Carrot into your hand.
3 x 2
Impartial StrixFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Fanfare: Gain +2/+2 if you have at least 20 Neutral cards remaining in your deck.
4 x 3
HectorFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Deal 3 damage to an enemy if you have at least 3 Neutral cards in your hand.
5 x 3
Beauty and the BeastFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Gain +2/+2 if you have at least 5 cards in your hand. Gain resistance to damage and destruction from spells and effects if you have at least 3 Neutral cards in your hand.
6 x 3
Arriet, Soothing HarpistFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Fanfare: Fully restore the defense of an allied follower that has attacked this turn. Give it the ability to attack 1 more time.
7 x 1
Card Cost Quantity
Elf Twins' AssaultSpell - Wonderland Dreams
Deal X damage to 2 random enemy followers. X equals the number of Neutral cards in your hand.
2 x 3
Priority Mulligans:
  • Elf Twin Assault 
  • Any 1 PP Followers
  • Any 2 PP Followers
  • Gourmet Emperor Khaiza / Pure-Hearted Singer
  • Goblinbreaker Teena (if going second)
  • Impartial Strix (if you are going first)
Deck Progression:

Early Game

  • Use cards such as Sylvan Justice and Elf Twin Assault to keep your opponents board clear. 
  • If you are fighting against an aggressive deck, try to play as passively as you can in the beginning. If your opponent is playing slowly, you can be more aggressive. 
  • Use Into the Looking Glass to make all of the cards in your hand neutral. This will come in handy for the late game. 
  • Don't play your Rhinoceroaches early in the game. Save them for later. 
  • Get your Gourmet Emperor Khaiza down early. That way, you can use Ultimate Carrot to annoy your opponent. 

Mid Game

  • Using your Lyrial / Actress Feria is your primary evolution targets. 
  • It can be difficult to control your opponents board because this deck good removal / Board clears If you decide to run will of the forest/ Cassieopia 
  • Landing a Beauty and the Beast can be game-breaking because it is so incredibly difficult to kill. Make sure that when you do play it, you are ready.

Late Game

Special Note

Some people opt to not play this deck with Roaches and instead choose to use a more expensive neutral package with Sahaquiel. This is certainly an option if you have many cards to choose from.

  • Sahaquiel
  • Lucifer
  • Israfil
  • Bahamut 

Instead of 

  • Flower Princess
  • Elven Princess Mage
  • Fortune Hunter Feena 
  • Into the looking glass
  • Rhinoceroach