Roach Forestcraft

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Roach Forestcraft
Deck Archetypes:
Archetypes Rating
Neutral/Alice Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
Roach Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
Aggro Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
Tempo Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
White Wolf Forestcraft
Updated for SFL
User Created Decks
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[Master]OTK Forestcraft Roach
Deck by Furo
Posted 10-14
1,535 15,800
[UglyGod] OTK Roach King
Deck by uglygod
Posted 09-28
11,116 43,400
Pure OTK Roach Decklist and Guide
Deck by Phoenix4217
Posted 09-29
3,365 17,450
Deck Sylvestre Bestmarmotte
Deck by Ph4ntom
Posted 10-01
1,657 20,600
Roach OTK Beauty and the Beast
Deck by MartinReborn
Posted 09-29
3,536 15,500
Deck Overview:

While many different forest decks use Rhinoceroach in the deck as a way of helping finish off their opponents, this deck aims to use Roach as its one and only finisher. This deck is one of the hardest decks in the game to play, but it is also very rewarding because once you have mastered this deck, you can kill your opponent out of nowhere!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
RhinoceroachFollower - Standard
Fanfare: For each other card played this turn, gain +1/+0 until the end of the turn.
2 x 3
Goblin MageFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Fanfare: Put a random follower that costs 2 play points or less from your deck into your hand.
3 x 3
Ancient ElfFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Return other allied followers to your hand. Gain +1/+1 for each follower returned.
3 x 3
Fortunehunter FeenaFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Evolve: Put a Goblin Mage into your hand and change its cost to 0.
5 x 2
Crystalia AerinFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Fanfare: Restore 3 defense to your leader.
Enhance (8): Recover 1 evolution point.
6 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Fairy CircleSpell - Standard
Put two Fairies into your hand.
1 x 3
Nature's GuidanceSpell - Standard
Return an allied follower or amulet to your hand.
Draw a card.
1 x 3
Airbound BarrageSpell - Starforged Legends
Return an allied follower or an amulet to your hand. Then deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.
(This card can be played when both a targetable allied card and enemy card are in play.)
1 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Wood of BramblesAmulet - Wonderland Dreams
Countdown (2)
Fanfare: Put 2 Fairies into your hand.
Give all allied followers in play and all allied followers that come into play Clash: Deal 1 damage to the enemy follower.
2 x 3
Spring-Green ProtectionAmulet - Starforged Legends
Countdown (3)
Last Words: Draw a card.
Draw a card if this amulet is returned to your hand.
At the end of your turn, give a random allied follower +1/+0.
1 x 3
Priority Mulligans:
  • Fairy Circle /Spring Green Protection
  • Ancient Elf (If you have Fairy Circle)
  • Goblin Mage (If you do not have Ancient Elf)
  • Elven Princess Mage (If going second)
  • Fortune Hunter Feena (Optional if you are going first)
Deck Progression:

Early Game

  • Do as much chip damage to your opponent as possible
    • You want to do as much damage to your opponent in the early game as you can so that you are able to make killing your opponent easier as the game progresses.
  • Assembling your pieces for your Combo. 
    • Using your Goblin Mage to find your Roaches. 
      • Since your decks 2 PP followers will likely only be Roaches, this is the only card Goblin Mage will pull. 
  • Keeping your opponents board under control
    • Since more aggressive decks are very strong against this deck, you could be faced with having to use cards like Air Bound Barrage or Sylvan Justice to help keep your opponents board clear of threats. 

Mid Game

  • Use your Elven Princess Mage to add 0 PP Fairies to your hand. This will enable you to kill your opponent with Rhinoceroach much easier because you won't have to spend play points on playing them. 
  • If you are able, you should also spend your Evolution Points on playing your Fortunehunter Feena to get a 0 cost Goblin Mage into your hand.
  •  If you have opted to use Will of the Forest and you have a high hand count, you can use it to help keep your opponents board clear as well. 

Late Game

  • If you do not have the combo to win, you can use your followers to stall your opponent.
    • Crystalia Aerin and Elf Queen can keep your health total up to accomplish this.
  • If you do have the combo in hand, read below to understand the basic elements of roach mathematics!

Roach Combo Mathematics

These combinations are based on the cards that are currently in your hand! They are incredibly basic formulas, and there are a lot of different combinations. As you play the game, you will encounter different and new combinations on your own. Some probably even more practical than the ones here!

8 Play Points

  • 4x Fairies -> 1 Fairy Circle ->  Roach = 6 Damage
  • Roach -> Nature's Guidance -> Roach -> Nature's Guidance + Roach = 9 Damage
  • 3x Fairies -> Roach + Nature's Guidance -> Roach = 10 Damage
  • 2x Fairies -> Roach -> Roach -> Roach = 12 Damage 

9 Play Points

  • 4x Fairies -> 3x Fairy Circle -> Roach = 8 Damage 
  • 4x Fairies -> Roach -> Nature's Guidance -> Roach = 12 Damage 
  • 1 Fairy -> Roach -> Nature's Guidance -> Roach = 12 Damage 
  • 3x Fairy -> 2x Fairy Circle -> Roach -> Roach = 13 Damage 

10 Play Points 

  • 3x Fairy -> Roach -> Nature's Guidance -> Roach -> Roach = 17 Damage 
  • 2x Fairy -> Roach -> Nature's Guidance -> Roach -> Nature's Guidance -> Roach = 15 Damage 
  • 2x Fairy -> 2x Fairy Circle -> Roach -> Roach -> Roach = 18 Damage