Seraph Havencraft

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Seraph Havencraft
Deck Archetypes:
Archetypes Rating
Storm Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Aegis Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Elana Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Seraph Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Guardian Havencraft
Updated for SFL
Neutral / Alice Havencraft
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Avatar Haven New
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Deck Overview:

Seraph Havencraft is a special deck, as it utilizes the game's first alternate win condition with its titular card, the Enstatued Seraph. This deck does not heavily focus on dealing damage to your opponent. Instead, its singular purpose is to win the game though its automatic win condition!

Deck Staples:
Hallowed Dogma Hallowed Dogma 2

Hallowed Dogma is the spell that offers the most countdown reduction for your amulets. While this may not matter so much for your seraph, it does matter for the other amulets in your deck such as Sacred Plea and Beastcall Aria. This card also has the ability to draw a card after being played on an amulet giving it the ability to replace itself in your hand.

Healing Prayer Healing Prayer 3

Unlike the other countdown reducers, healing prayer allows you to remove 1 from ALL of your in play countdown amulets. This is incredibly potent if you set up to have more than one amulet go off at the same time. Healing Prayer also has the ability to raise your leaders defense total to help with stalling until you are capable of playing seraph safely.

Another countdown reducer. It has the additional bonus of being a follower so you can use it to either apply pressure or evolve it to deal with an enemy follower in a pinch.

These 3 cards are countdown reducers that are generally run in Enstatued Seraph decks to help make sure that victory is achieved on turn 9. Any combination of these 3 cards on turn 9 a long with Enstatued Seraph in play will spell doom for your opponents and achieve victory instantly!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Sacred PleaAmulet - Standard
Countdown (3)
Last Words: Draw 2 cards.
1 x 3
Enstatued SeraphAmulet - Darkness Evolved
Countdown (1)
Last Words: Summon an Awakened Seraph.
8 x 2
Card Cost Quantity
Hallowed DogmaSpell - Standard
Subtract 2 from the Countdown of an allied amulet.
Draw a card.
2 x 3
Healing PrayerSpell - Standard
Restore 3 defense to an ally.
Subtract 1 from the Countdown of all allied amulets.
3 x 3
Themis's DecreeSpell - Standard
Destroy all followers.
6 x 3
Blackened ScriptureSpell - Standard
Banish an enemy follower with 3 defense or less.
2 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Priest of the CudgelFollower - Standard
Evolve: Banish an enemy follower with 3 or less defense.
4 x 2
Prism PriestessFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Put a random Countdown amulet from your deck into your hand.
3 x 2
Radiance AngelFollower - Darkness Evolved
Fanfare: Restore 3 defense to your leader.
Draw a card.
5 x 2
Priority Mulligans:

These are cards that you always keep if they appear in your opening hand

Keeping Enstatued Seraph is a possibility if you know for a fact you are fighting a slow match up but is generally not recommended. Keeping Themis's Decree is also a possible target for fighting midrange and tempo lists. 

Deck Progression:

Early Game:

  • Use your early game defensive followers such as snake Priestess and Unicorn Dancer, Unica to defend against your aggressive opponent. 
  • Against controlling decks, you are not under much pressure from them. So you can just take it easy and react to them playing certain cards 

Mid Game:

  • The same as other haven decks, just use Tribunal of Good and Evil and Priest of the Cudgel to deal with your opponents followers. 
  • Do your best to use cards like Sacred Plea / Judge of Retribution and Radiance Angel to draw cards and get to your enstatued seraph. 
  • If you already have Seraph in hand, make sure that you have at 3 activators in your hand. This will allow you to OTK with seraph the following turn. 

Late Game:

  • Play the Enstatued Seraph and stall until you win. If you've been saving countdown reduction cards, now is the time to use them. Playing the Seraph means essentially sacrificing a turn, so make sure you can survive the lost turn and stabilize afterwards.
  • This is the time of the game where you must play wisely! Playing an Enstatued Seraph on a full board while your defense is low is not a wise move and will see you dead. In these particular match ups, you should focus much more on draining your opponents resources and keeping your health total high.