Storm Havencraft

Storm Havencraft
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Master Ranked Stormy Seraph
Deck by Razeluxe
Posted 07-23
331 52,400
Anti Heavenly Aegis
Deck by Sakino
Posted 07-16
1,634 39,850
Storm Havencraft
Deck by Llexa
Posted 07-14
746 14,000
Budget Storm Haven
Deck by Pineappleofdoom94
Posted 07-10
1,052 5,200
Tempo / Storm Haven
Deck by Pineappleofdoom94
Posted 07-01
3,166 9,950
Deck Overview:

Storm Haven is a deck that specializes in doing high amount of burst damage in the mid game. Unlike most aggressive decks, it does not have a lot of early game aggressive followers. So because of this, Storm Haven relies very heavily on amulet followers with storm (hence the name) to apply pressure to the opponent. In combination with early game amulets and some countdown reducers, this deck can kill an opponent in the blink of an eye!

Deck Staples:
Pinion Prayer Pinion Prayer 1

Pinion Prayer takes the place of a 1PP follower in Storm Havencraft. You really want to be getting this as early as possible to be able to start setting up threats. You always want to play this first over sacred plea on turn 1.

Another amulet you want to get down as early as possible. Divine Birdsong produces a bigger storm follower than Pinion Prayer and not only that, it is actually capable of trading with your opponents followers if you need it to and surviving in most cases.

Your money maker! This card is the primary card that makes this deck go! Garuda is capable of setting up big lethals against opponents by popping one of your amulets and then dealing 3 damage just for being played! This is a mandatory 3 of in any storm haven decklist!

A new addition to the storm haven family and a welcome one at that! This card boasts a good aggressive stat line along with summoning a Pinion Prayer when it is played. This card is very likely, here to stay!

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Sacred PleaAmulet - Standard
Countdown (3)
Last Words: Draw 2 cards.
1 x 2
Pinion PrayerAmulet - Standard
Countdown (2)
Last Words: Summon a Holy Falcon.
1 x 3
Beastcall AriaAmulet - Darkness Evolved
Countdown (3)
Last Words: Summon a Holy Falcon and a Holyflame Tiger.
2 x 3
Divine BirdsongAmulet - Standard
Countdown (2)
Last Words: Summon a Regal Falcon.
3 x 2
Card Cost Quantity
Winged Sentinel GarudaFollower - Darkness Evolved
Fanfare: Subtract 3 from the Countdown of an allied amulet.
Deal 3 damage to the enemy leader.
6 x 3
Moon Al-mi'rajFollower - Standard
At the end of your turn, fully restore this follower's defense.
At the end of your turn, fully restore this follower's defense.
6 x 1
MainyuFollower - Standard
Can't be targeted by enemy spells and effects.
Can't be targeted by enemy spells and effects.
2 x 3
UrdFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Destroy a follower, and then return it to play.
4 x 2
Birdkeeping DiscipleFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Put a Pinion Prayer into play.
4 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Hallowed DogmaSpell - Standard
Subtract 2 from the Countdown of an allied amulet.
Draw a card.
2 x 2
Priority Mulligans:
Deck Progression:


  • Focus on getting down your early game amulets. Pinion prayer always takes precedence over Sacred Plea
  • Turn 2 is very different depending on if you are going first or second. 
    • If you are first: Play Beastcall Aria and pressure from there. 
    • If you are second: Play a follower instead of the Beastcall Aria. The tempo loss could be massive against an aggressive opponent. 
      • This changes if your opponent is using a slower deck. If they have not done anything significant on turns 1 and 2, then you can play Beastcall Aria instead of the follower. 
  • If you have a hallowed Dogma, you can use it to pop your beast call aria on turn 3 and generate massive advantage. 
  • Your ideal curve for this deck is to have Pinion Prayer Beastcall Aria and Divine birdsong. This is incredibly powerful if you are first. Not so much if you are second but can still be devastating if your opponent doesn't have an answer. 


  • Use high-value cards like Priest of the Cudgel to gain control of the board while dealing face damage with your storm followers.
  • Storm followers like Holy Falcon and Regal Falcon are your primary source of damage, so don't be afraid to use your evolution points to deal big damage to your opponent. 
  • A Popular trick is to use Urd to combo with your storm followers to finish off your opponents if their life total is low enough. 
  • Use Birdkeeping Disciple to continue putting pressure on your opponent on turn 4 if you are going first or use priest of the cudgel to take tempo back. 
  • March Hare's Teatime into Winged Sentinel Garuda is an incredibly powerful tempo play that is hard to over come. 


  • Winged Sentinel Garuda hits like a truck, dealing 3 face damage and unlocking a countdown amulet. This will usually mean that a storm follower is coming out, which can attack the opponent and ideally end the game. Sometimes, games may seem lost when you are playing with this deck but this deck has ways of creating stunning comebacks so make sure to play the game out as best as you can. 

During turn 7 and above, you can combine certain amulets with Garuda to deal the burst damage that you need. 

  • Turn 7: Pinion Prayer + Garuda 
  • Turn 8: Beastcall Aria + Garuda 
  • Turn 9 Divine Birdsong + Garuda

These combinations can help give you additional reach to kill your opponent!