Tempo Forestcraft

Tempo Forestcraft
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User Created Decks
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Budget Beetle Warrior (Garbage Roach) with Tempo Fairies
Deck by Whengz
Posted 09-09
1,495 2,150
Aruʒi's Foil Tempo Forest
Deck by Aruʒi
Posted 09-04
820 38,300
[Updated V4] New Wonderland Forestcraft Deck: Killer Fairies by BotheredMe
Deck by Kami
Posted 06-27
2,506 27,200
Rose Queen's Return
Deck by Ignis Fatuus
Posted 08-13
861 39,050
Board clear or die
Deck by izayoih
Posted 08-05
352 23,900
Deck Overview:

Tempo Forest is a deck that is reliant on filling the board with many 1PP followers and hitting your opponent in the face for a lot of damage through various pump effects!

Deck Staples:

Cynthia is one of the main reasons this deck is capable of doing so much damage! If you have a lot of followers on board, she can straight up steal end the game the moment she is played. While she cannot attack the opponent directly herself, she makes your other followers stronger when they attack!

As an additional Bonus, she can help set up for your following turn by evolving. When she does, she summons even more followers onto the board!

In someways, this can be considered a "Mini Cynthia" but far more abusable! In combination with natures guidance and Ancient elf, you can continue to abuse this card over and over! Under the right circumstances, this card can lead to your opponent losing faster than they expected!

Crystalia Tia Unevolved Crystalia Tia 5

One of the cornerstones of the tempo forest! She produces a 4/4 body that if you played 2 spells before it, becomes a 6/6 and gets evolved for free and that gains ward! Sometimes, you can play her without it and you still have a respectable 5/5 worth of stats on board.

Deck Skeleton:
Card Cost Quantity
Nature's GuidanceSpell - Standard
Return an allied follower or amulet to your hand.
Draw a card.
1 x 3
Sylvan JusticeSpell - Standard
Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.
Put a Fairy into your hand.
2 x 3
Fairy CircleSpell - Standard
Put two Fairies into your hand.
1 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Water FairyFollower - Standard
Last Words: Put a Fairy into your hand.
Last Words: Put a Fairy into your hand.
1 x 3
Fairy WhispererFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Put two Fairies into your hand.
2 x 3
RhinoceroachFollower - Standard
Fanfare: For each other card played this turn, gain +1/+0 until the end of the turn.
2 x 3
Elven Princess MageFollower - Standard
Evolve: Put two Fairies into your hand and change their cost to 0.
4 x 2
Beetle WarriorFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Fanfare: Gain +1/+1 and Storm if at least 2 other cards were played this turn.
3 x 3
Crystalia TiaFollower - Darkness Evolved
Fanfare: Summon a Crystalia Eve. Give it Ward and evolve it if at least 2 other cards were played this turn.
5 x 2
Priority Mulligans:
  • Water Fairy / Elf Child May 
  • Sylvan Justice / Fairy Whisperer 
  • Ancient Elf 
  • Elven Princess Mage (If going second)
Deck Progression:

Early game

  • Use your Water Fairies to keep get in early damage. If they die, it just gets you another follower anyway. 
  • Elf Whisperer is good for getting you more fairies.into your hand.
  • Your primary goal should be to flood the board with as many followers as you can. your opponent will have to spend a significant amount of time and resources dealing with your rapid fire assault of fairies.
  • Use cards like Ancient Elf to block your opponents path to doing damage to you. A big Ancient Elf is very hard to fight through.

Mid Game

  • Continue pushing damage through to your opponents face and force them to burn their evolution points to deal with your threats.
  • Use Elven Princess Mage to add more fairies to your hand and trade with an opposing follower. 
  • More often than not, you will be using your evolution points to trade with your opponents followers instead of pushing massive amounts of damage through. 

Late Game