Lord of the Seas(Dagon OTK, SR Mini-Expansion)

Last Updated: May 22, 2019

Deck Summary

Deck Cost: 32,300
5 15 5 3 6 0 0 6
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Followers: 23
Spells: 14
Amulets: 3

Mulligan/Draw Simulator

Deck Overview

Replace Lindworm with "Dagon, Lord of the Seas"(Dagon isn't in the Database, so I replaced it with Lindworm, since it has same cost/stat) for an ultimate fun; Turn 6~7 OTK.(earliest Turn 5, but normally turn 6~7, with good hand)

By the way, the actual cost of this deck is 42,800(quite cheap for Phoenix Roost Dragoncraft)

You might want to put in Uriel, if you want to search the Phoenix Roost quickly/easily.

Search Zooey or Dagon with Dragon's Foresight "Enhanced", and draw Zell with all those "draw cards" you've got.

The Parts for OTK are:

Phoenix Roost
Dagon, Lord of the Seas
Wind Reader Zell
One Evolution Point

OTK works like this:

  1. Phoenix Roost
  2. Zooey, if you are quite desperate and need to get just one more combo parts, or if you're against AGGROs. This phase is skippable.
  3. Summon "Dagon, Lord of the Seas". You can do this before/after Step 4(it really doesn't matter when you summon Dagon)
  4. Summon Wind Reader Zell.
  5. Evolve Zell.(DON'T EVOLVE DAGON.)
  6. Give Dagon Storm(the requirement will be already met, since Dagon+Zell combo costs 7 "with" Phoenix Roost)
  7. ???(Triple Attack)
  8. Profit!


  1. Very quick OTK, since it's Turn 6~7 Kill(which is quick even for Unlimited)
  2. Looks Awesome(Dagon's got some sick summon animation/attack animation)
  3. Even if your opponent has some Wards on board, they can't stop this OTK, unless they have a full-board of Wards. This is because of Dagon's "TRIPLE ATTACK" and Zell's Evolve-Rush.
  4. It just is fun.
  5. You can pull out "stable kill" with Zooey, too.


  1. If you have terrible luck, you might just end up with thousands of Ramp cards, and never get any of OTK Parts
  2. It's weak against aggro/midrange decks(well, just like any Combo decks in this game)
  3. Dagon-searching is inconsistent, since Zooey also have "more than 5 Health"
  4. The whole Pheonix Roost-thing is very risky; against D-Shift, there's nothing you can do about it

Try to get any of the combo parts in your first hand, if possible. If not, Go Ramp.

Deck List

Card Cost Quantity
Disciple of DisdainFollower - Omen of the Ten
Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to another allied follower and draw a card. (Doesn't activate if no other allied followers are in play.)
1 x 3
Aiela, Dragon SwordFollower - Chronogenesis
Evolve: Gain an empty play point orb.
2 x 3
Whitefrost Dragonewt FileneFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Fanfare: Put a Whitefrost Whisper into your hand.
Evolve: Deal 1 damage to an enemy follower.
2 x 3
Purehearted SingerFollower - Starforged Legends
Fanfare and Last Words: Draw a card.
Last Words: Draw a card.
3 x 2
Aiela, Dragon KnightFollower - Standard
Last Words: Gain an empty play point orb.
Last Words: Gain an empty play point orb.
3 x 3
Wind Reader ZellFollower - Tempest of the Gods
Evolve: Give an allied follower Storm if Overflow is active for you.
4 x 3
LindwormFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
If you've played at least 10 other non-follower cards this match, and you have 10 play points, Choose: Play this card as a Virtuous Lindworm or an Iniquitous Lindworm.
10+ x 3
Zooey, Arbiter of the SkiesFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Fanfare: Deal damage to your leader until their defense drops to 1. Until the start of your next turn, your leader can't be damaged.
10+ x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Disdainful RendingSpell - Omen of the Ten
Deal 1 damage to an allied follower. Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.
(This card can be played only when both a targetable allied card and enemy card are in play.)
1 x 2
Dragon OracleSpell - Standard
Gain an empty play point orb.
Draw a card if Overflow is active for you.
2 x 3
Breath of the SalamanderSpell - Rise of Bahamut
Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.
Enhance (6): Then deal 2 damage to all enemy followers.
2 x 3
Dragon's ForesightSpell - Starforged Legends
Put a random follower from your deck into your hand.
Enhance (4): Then put a random follower with at least 5 defense from your deck into your hand.
2 x 3
Draconic FervorSpell - Rise of Bahamut
Gain an empty play point orb, draw 2 cards, and restore 3 defense to your leader.
5 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Phoenix RoostAmulet - Standard
Fanfare: Cards in both players' hands cost half, rounded up.
Whenever a card is added to a player's hand, its cost drops by half, rounded up.
5 x 3