Bloodlust Darkfeast Bat!!! (Card explanation+Tips and tricks!)

Last Updated: October 1, 2018

Deck Summary

Deck Cost: 42,200
3 18 3 2 5 0 0 3
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Followers: 25
Spells: 12
Amulets: 3

Mulligan/Draw Simulator

Deck Overview

With the new set of "lust" cards coming out in the Omen of Ten set, Darkfeast Bat is more terrifying than ever! This deck is centered around cards that damage your leader, and cards that grow stronger based on how much you've damaged yourself!

Card overview;
Gift for Bloodkin: Aside from making Darkfeast Bat's ability stronger, it can also be used on turn 3 with Valnareik to make her a 2/4 on your opponents turn (if you don't want to hold onto her for some reason), or summon a Flauros early ...Like way early. More on that later.

Restless Parish: This can also turn into an amulet that damages/heals you or summon a bat at the end of your opponents turn when there's 2pp, but typically we want it for the 0 cost. (And seriously, NEVER play it for the bats. Unless your bming for some reason.) Anyways, what's good about Bloodkin is almost the same for this card; it has good synergy with the aforementioned cards. The only difference is you don't hurt your opponent and you get to draw. That's a pretty good compromise though, since you'll want to draw as much as possible with how fast you'll go through your cards.

Disciple of Lust: If you play this on turn one and the opponent leaves it alone, then you can rack up a sneaky amount of self damage, which is a good thing for this deck. The added benefit of hurting your opponent when it dies is nice too.

Alexandrite Demon: You normally want to play this for the draw amulet, but there are some instances where the destroy one could help you out. Both amulets hurt you in the end though, and that's a good thing.

Vira, Knight Fanatic: Have a ton of self damaging cards that you can play with this one? Be sure to evolve her first to mitigate the damage, because guess what? It still counts as damage dealt to you, even if it's reduced to 0!! She can also come in clutch when you need to play defensively, so she's a great addition to this deck.

Servant of Lust: The fanfare effect hurts, but if he manages to live and hit your opponent face? You'll gain health! It's not alot, but it can help. Also, his high attack stat can help you take down cards with higher defense if you somehow don't have a spell to help with that. Really though, he's just here to hurt us and give us something on board.

Blood pact: Hurt yourself and draw more? Perfect!

Razory Claw: Hurt yourself and hurt your opponent more? Even better! (...Oh, and I guess you can use this to remove stuff, if you want.)

Snarling chains: It's a good card in most bloodcraft decks and here is no exception. It helps clear the board, fits in with our gameplan of self-harm, and hurt the opponent too!

Valnareik, Omen of Lust: This card is... wow! I mean, you need to harm yourself 7 times to get the most value out of her, but when you do? She's usually going to give you the edge you need. Removing an enemy follower, storm and gaining +1/+1 steadily if she isn't removed (which she probably will be the next turn, but still) is incredibly important when you're going to be playing as recklessly as possible.

Flauros: Speaking of "wow", here's a 5/3 follower that heals you when he dies, and can be played as early as TURN 1 if you're extremely lucky. That being said, it's unlikely. Still, the fact that it's possible makes this card pretty good, as you can still play him on turn 2-3, before he could even be played normally! Even if you invoke him on turn 4 or later, you'll still be using cards that help with your overall strategy to pull him out, so Flauros is EXTREMELY valuable to your deck.

Evil Eye Demon: At 2pp, she's a worse snarling chains, but still helps with our overall gameplan. At 5pp? She can be used to wipe out a wide board! (The damage is dependent on how much we've hurt ourselves, and if you can evolve her, but still, you'll be glad to have her for those instances.)

Apostle of Lust: The slowest draw out of all the cards we have, and they even give the opponent a draw too. That being said, he's decently stated at 5/4, fits with our theme and who knows? That one damage your opponent received might be one too many...

Darkfeast Bat: Our central wincon. By your turn 7, your opponent will probably already know this card is coming down, and they will do everything to survive the damage the previous turn. With all of the damage you've done previously, little by little, to you and your opponent, you will more than likely have enough to finish the job with this card, or at least bring him dangerously low to death.

Other options;
Demonic Ram: Honestly, I was running this card in my deck until recently for more survivability (is that even a word?). I just decided that I wanted to play more high-risk, high-reward. If you decide you want to swap out some cards to fit 2-3 of these, however, I won't judge you. It fits in well since you'll be damaging yourself alot and the extra heal could be nice.

Scorpius: I've seen a lot of people run this card and I can get why; it hurts you when it attacks like Disciple of Lust, and it can take down big threats with it's bane. I still think Disciple is better, and I prefer the current 2 drops I have over this one, but if the positives I listed were enough for you, then you should run it!

Bloodthristy Hamster: ...I mean, it DOES gain benefits from self-harm effects. I was able to deal some good damage by playing a 0pp with it on turn 2, then another on turn 3 for 3 to the face, but it's taking up a spot that could be used for other cards that help with the overall gameplan. Besides, that situation I mentioned isn't going to happen everytime. I do know some people still run this card though... I guess power to you.

Endearing Succubus Lilith: Okay, so some MADMAN decided to run this in a version of this deck and when it came down, I was absolutely speechless. ...I mean, it makes sense in that it's the only deck she COULD work in, but I don't know if she's worth running. I'm only mentioning this here in honor of him. Godspeed, you lunatic!

Jormungand: The absolute perfect card. There is no flaw. The only reason I'm not running it is because of the unspoken code all bloodcraft players have not to unleash this terror onto the Shadowverse community, lest it upset the balance of the meta. And even when we do decide to run it, we purposefully lose so that it's almighty power may remain untold.

Tips and Tricks:
-If you have a hand of 0's, keep it and go for the dream meme of turn 1 Flauros. Even if you miss, you'll more than likely get a 2 drop that allows you to play him on turn two anyways. When you do, spam emote to assert your dominance (please don't actually do this).

-As for normal Mulligans, you'll want to go for the following in order of most to least important; Disciple of Lust, Anything self damaging (with exception of Apostle of Lust and Evil Eye Demon), Evil Eye Demon and Alexandrite Demon.

-Do NOT keep Vira, Valnariek, Flauros, Apostle of Lust or Darkfeast Bat in your hand. I know I said you can play Valnariek turn 3 with a 0pp, but it's not ideal and you typically want her for when you've hurt yourself 7 times, which is usually later than turn 3 (Turn 1 Flauros is rare for a reason). Flauros needs to stay in the deck for invocation, Darkfeast Bat and Apostle will be dead in your hand for a while, and Vira isn't bad in your opening hand per se, but you ideally want to have as many of the aforementioned mulligan cards in your hand as possible to start.

-You'll notice I listed this deck as an Aggro Deck. There are two reasons for this; 1, Darkfeast Bat wasn't an option for Archetypes and neither was the much cooler name; Bloodlust (please make that a thing, pleaaaaase?) and 2. You want to damage your opponent as much as you damage yourself! Because of the nature of this deck, you're always going to be at disadvantage life-wise for the most part, so the only way to compensate is to kill your opponent quicker than you kill yourself! Hit face if you think he won't kill you next turn!

-Keep track of any amulets on the field that were produced by Alexandrite. One they hurt you, they count towards times hurt that turn so you have a chance to invoke Flauros off of that effect.

-If you lose track of time you've gotten hurt in the match, Evil Eye Demon's evolve effect and Darkfeast Bat's Fanfare keep track of the number. This is more or less if you need a quick reminder and you lost track for whatever reason.

-When summoning Flauros with the 0pp's, keep track of how much space is on the field! There needs to be one spot or he'll go straight from your deck to the shadow realm!

-Evolving Vira is usually worth it if you can play 2-3 self-damaging cards alongside her and you don't want to hold off to play Flauros for whatever reason. It's some well needed damage mitigation in a deck that quickly depletes your life total.

-Saving your 0pp's early on for a turn when you can play Flauros is usually the ideal play. You're not going to lose much from holding onto them, but you can gain a lot by doing so.

-If you can clear with spells as opposed to followers, then that's usually the best option. You want your followers to be going face, after all.

That's about all I can think of and it's pretty late where I'm at right now. >_>

I hope this information if helpful and I wish you good luck in future matches!

Deck List

Card Cost Quantity
Gift for BloodkinSpell - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Deal 1 damage to both leaders.
Summon a Forest Bat for both leaders.
0 x 3
Blood PactSpell - Standard
Deal 2 damage to your leader.
Draw 2 cards.
2 x 3
Razory ClawSpell - Standard
Deal 2 damage to your leader and 3 damage to an enemy.
2 x 3
Snarling ChainsSpell - Starforged Legends
Deal 1 damage to both leaders.
Then deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.
2 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Restless ParishAmulet - Brigade of the Sky
If you have at least 2 play points, Choose: Play this card as either a Night Fall or a Madness Revealed.
Countdown (1)
Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to your leader.
Last Words: Draw a card.
0 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Disciple of LustFollower - Omen of the Ten
Whenever this follower attacks, deal 1 damage to your leader.
Last Words: Deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.
(Same as the unevolved form.)
1 x 3
Alexandrite DemonFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Fanfare: Choose - Put a Blazing Sapphire or a Blazing Ruby into your hand.
2 x 3
Vira, Knight FanaticFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Evolve: Until the start of your next turn, give your leader the following effect - Your leader can't be damaged. (This effect lasts until this follower leaves the area.) Until the start of your next turn, subtract 2 from all damage dealt to this follower.
2 x 3
Servant of LustFollower - Omen of the Ten
Fanfare: Deal 1 damage to your leader.
Whenever this follower attacks the enemy leader, restore 2 defense to both leaders after damage is dealt.
Whenever this follower attacks the enemy leader, restore 2 defense to both leaders after damage is dealt.
2 x 3
Valnareik, Omen of LustFollower - Omen of the Ten
Fanfare: If your leader has taken damage during your turn at least 7 times in this match, gain +1/+1 and Storm, and destroy an enemy follower.
At the start of your opponent's turn, if your leader took damage during your previous turn, gain +1/+1.
At the start of your opponent's turn, if your leader took damage during your previous turn, gain +1/+1.
3 x 3
FlaurosFollower - Omen of the Ten
Invocation: During your third turn or later, if your leader has taken damage for the fourth time this turn, put a Flauros from your deck into play.
Last Words: Restore 3 defense to your leader.
Last Words: Restore 5 defense to your leader.
4 x 2
Evil Eye DemonFollower - Brigade of the Sky - Mini Expansion
Accelerate (2): Deal 1 damage to your leader.
Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.
Evolve: Deal X damage to all enemy followers. X equals the number of times that your leader was damaged during your turn in this match.
5 x 3
Apostle of LustFollower - Omen of the Ten
Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to your leader and draw 2 cards. Deal 1 damage to the enemy leader, and your opponent draws 1 card.
5 x 2
Darkfeast BatFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Fanfare: Deal X damage to an enemy. X equals the number of times that your leader was damaged during your turn in this match.
8 x 3