Phoenix Roost + Zooey, Arbiter of the Skies

Last Updated: May 1, 2019

Deck Summary

Deck Cost: 31,050
3 10 5 8 3 0 0 7
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Followers: 21
Spells: 12
Amulets: 3

Mulligan/Draw Simulator

Deck Overview

Hi , Please refer to the link for the full deck as gamepress card list is not updated.

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This is a combo deck that required a lot of actor on your hand to successfully pull off the trick to victory.
This deck is very generous in that you play phoenix roost in turn 5 and let the enemy do whatever they could (Bash your leader). Which if you survive the beating, is the time for retribution to your enemy.

The only win condition for this deck is play Phoenix Roost at 5 play point or turn 5. If you play phoenix roost at turn 6 or later most of the time it is suicide as most unlimited deck will have sufficient preparation to burst you down, unless you are sure that the opponent deck is very passive or their board is already full (5) and the fire power cant kill you the next turn.

Mulligan: keep Phoenix Roost, Uriel, Zooey, Dragon summoner.

The core card in this deck is:
-Dragon Summoner
-Dragon's Foresight
-Phoenix Roost

Dragon summoner and dragon's foresight is the key to consistently draw 2-3 Zooey into your hand:
-Dragon summoner, make sure that the only dragoncraft follower in the deck will be Zooey and Dragon summoner.
-dragon's foresight (use the enchant effect), ensure Zooey is the only follower card that have 5 hp if you want 100% draw chance.

Board clear: Conflagration or Bahamut
-Conflagration: 4 damage area nuke, effective in clearing small ward follower.
-Bahamut: Reliable nuke that destroy all follower.
Comparison: Bahamut will always cost one more play point after using 1 or 2 phoenix roost, however Bahamut have guaranteed board clear. By adding Bahamut into the deck you lost dragon foresight 100% to draw Zooey with enchant effect, on the bright side you can pull a board clear card (Bahamut) with dragon foresight instead of praying for Conflagration the next turn.

Zooey: only use the accelerate effect if your hand don't have Phoenix Roost.

General strategy:
Due to the suicide tendency of this deck, for the first 4 turn you will try to pull the core card and remove as many enemy follower so that you can safely land phoenix roost without enemy killing you the next turn.

Possible combo:
1) Phoenix Roost -> Phoenix Roost -> Zooey
2) Phoenix Roost -> Zooey -> Zooey
3) Phoenix Roost -> Bahamut (only if enemy deck is not storm and direct damage deck)

Favorable Match up:
Any slow deck: e.g:
-Artifact spamming portalcraft,
-Spellboost runecraft

weakness of this deck:
-ward follower
-damage reduce effect on leader
-Mutagenic Bolt (runecraft)
- too slow against face deck.

Have fun playing this deck.

Deck List

Card Cost Quantity
Zooey, Arbiter of the Skies (Accelerate)Follower - Brigade of the Sky
Accelerate (1): Draw a card. Put a 10 play point, 6/5 Zooey, Arbiter of the Skies (without Accelerate) into your deck.
Fanfare: Deal damage to your leader until their defense drops to 1. Your leader can't be damaged until the start of your next turn.
10+ x 3
BahamutFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Fanfare: Destroy all other followers and amulets. Can't attack the enemy leader if 2 or more enemy followers are in play.
Can't attack the enemy leader if 2 or more enemy followers are in play.
10+ x 2
GilgameshFollower - Standard
8 x 2
UrielFollower - Rise of Bahamut
Fanfare: Put a random amulet from your deck into your hand.
4 x 3
UrdFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Destroy a follower, and then return it to play.
4 x 3
Healing AngelFollower - Standard
Fanfare: Restore 2 defense to your leader.
3 x 2
Dragon SummonerFollower - Wonderland Dreams
Fanfare: Put a random Dragoncraft follower from your deck into your hand.
2 x 3
Happy PigFollower - Chronogenesis
Last Words: Restore 1 defense to your leader.
Last Words: Restore 3 defense to your leader.
2 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Phoenix RoostAmulet - Standard
Fanfare: Cards in both players' hands cost half, rounded up.
Whenever a card is added to a player's hand, its cost drops by half, rounded up.
5 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Dragon CounselSpell - Darkness Evolved
Randomly discard one of the lowest-cost cards in your hand. Draw three cards.
4 x 2
Force of the DragonewtSpell - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Deal 1 damage to all enemies.
Enhance (5): Deal 2 damage instead.
3 x 3
Dragon's ForesightSpell - Starforged Legends
Put a random follower from your deck into your hand.
Enhance (4): Then put a random follower with at least 5 defense from your deck into your hand.
2 x 1
Dragon EmissarySpell - Standard
Put a random card that cost at least 5 play points from your deck into your hand.
Subtract 1 from its cost.
2 x 3
Disdainful RendingSpell - Omen of the Ten
Deal 1 damage to an allied follower. Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower.
(This card can be played only when both a targetable allied card and enemy card are in play.)
1 x 3