effeee Lindworm Dragon

Last Updated: July 16, 2018

Deck Summary

Deck Cost: 49,100
6 12 6 2 3 0 3 8
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8+
Followers: 25
Spells: 15
Amulets: 0

Mulligan/Draw Simulator

Deck Overview

My personal version of Lindworm Dragon.

For anyone not familiar with it, you ramp and play spell in order to activate Lindworm choose effect and end the game either with storm damage (90% of the time) or by outvalueing your opponent with card advantage (hard to do in this meta and as spells often trade 1 for 1).

For everyone else that already used to play ramp/storm Dragon, this is our go-to deck of rotation. Honestly it's pretty fun and I'm happy to see Dragon going with this theme (playing spells) rather than discard..
Ah, technically there is also a more efficient Jabberwock deck but for having it work you must maintain a board (difficult to do for Dragon with its current tools!) and your draws can screw your plan pretty badly.
As a control/ramp deck, i prefer the inevitability of Lindworm (the opponent cannot do anything about its storming damage), rather than the unreliability of a board that your opponent CAN control.

Now onto the card choices, beware tho they are subject to changes as I refine my list :)

      • 1PP CARDS
  • Dragon Horde
    Very useful spell, played on turn 1 can give you a 2 drop in case you didn't draw it, later in the game it can be used to do some chip damage, create a board or trade with enemy minions. It can also create card advantage.
  • Blazing Breath
    Not much to say here, 2 damage for 1pp is pretty good and can help your tempo plays.
  • Mystic Ring
    Yes it is a 1pp spell that draws a card but you lose another card in the process, working against the card advantage that you want to have. Bad.
  • Treasure Map
    Seen it on Gamewith list. I tried it a little bit, but im not a fan of RNG (all the cards that you get are horrible anyway). I replaced this with Dragon Horde.
  • Fount of Angels
    Seen it on various lists and used it a lot, i ended up ditching it. In the end, it's only useful while going 1st and do some nice tempo plays in the early game. Most of the time, in the midgame, as +1 ATK is not that useful, you are just gonna dump it on the board as a 1pp draw a card 2 turn later which is horrible.
  • Stormborne Wings
    I still have to try this card, i feel like a 7pp storm follower that adds just +1 to your spell count may be really too slow for the deck and easily dealt by the opponent (assuming you are not playing from behind, which is very rare).
      • 2PP CARDS
  • Seraphic Blade
    Pretty good card, very popular now due to the prevalence of amulets on ladder. The 6PP enhance is slow and will kill your tempo but its one of the few ways of dealing with a Tenko's Shrine. Used as a 2x because it can be redundant and sit in your hand forever.
    UPDATE: I got rid of this card.
  • Aiela, Dragon Sword
    Auto include, reliable ramp on a 2pp follower. Don't be afraid of playing her on turn 2 against an aggro deck, your survival comes first. On slower matchups you can afford to keep her for your evo turns.
  • Somniferous Whitewyrm
    Never been a fan of this card, i always found it too damn slow! It has to die first (weak to banish) THEN you play the Dragon's Nest (mediocre card) and THEN you wait for the next turn for the draw, assuming you are in overflow already! Despise these cons, it helps the deck gameplan thank to the 1pp amulet and the card draw so it's a painful card to include for me as there are no really better options.
    UPDATE: I got rid of this card, thank god.
  • Whitefrost Dragonewt Filene
    Amazing card, definitely auto include. Very useful to punish evos. Learn not to be greedy with the spell she gives you, otherwise if you keep it until late game it will just sit in your hand.
  • Dragon Oracle
    Your standard ramp tool. Consider using its overflow draw in the midgame, if it means waiting one turn.
  • Waters of the Orca
    Very flexible spell. Use it to gain some tempo, board presence and card advantage. Using 8/10pp to flood the board and gain some time for your Lindworm is fine most of the times.
      • 3PP CARDS
  • Dragoncleaver Roy
    Amazing 3 drop. Gives you either ramp or removal. Generally speaking you choose ramp in slow matchups and removal in faster ones but this may vary depending on the situation. Beware tho the ramp spell doesnt cycle when in overflow, so if used at 9/10pp it becomes a 2pp-do-nothing card.
  • Force of the Dragonewt
    Good AoE, very valuable as it provides chip damage/reach to the enemy's face. You want to keep it in the mulligan exclusively against a Forest player to deal with fairis and keep them from snowballing. Against any other matchup dont expect to just ramp into this card and clear the board clean because thats not gonna happen.
      • 4PP CARDS
  • Pyrewyrm Commander
    Useful minion thanks to the spells he gives. It can help save evo points. The Lightning Blast is super situational but still can be useful in a pinch.
      • 5PP CARDS
  • Galua of Two Breaths
    I replaced the Whitewyrms with 3x of these. By continuosly playing the deck i found myself too often in a position where i had a lot of PP but stuck with a hand of 2 drops, Blazing Breaths and not so useful stuff. I also felt the deck needed another draw engine beside Adramelech.
    This card provides a decent body and a 2PP card that draws 2 other cards, the White Breath. You are 90% going to choose the White Breath over the black one. Consider choosing Black Breath only if it means surviving or if you have to luxury to do it.

Deck List

Card Cost Quantity
Dragon HordeSpell - Chronogenesis
Put a Maelstrom Dragon into your hand.
Enhance (3): Put 1 more into your hand.
1 x 3
Blazing BreathSpell - Standard
Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.
1 x 3
Dragon OracleSpell - Standard
Gain an empty play point orb.
Draw a card if Overflow is active for you.
2 x 3
Waters of the OrcaSpell - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Summon a Megalorca.
Enhance (4): Summon 1 more.
Enhance (6): Summon 1 more.
Enhance (8): Summon 1 more.
Enhance (10): Summon 1 more.
2 x 3
Force of the DragonewtSpell - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Deal 1 damage to all enemies.
Enhance (5): Deal 2 damage instead.
3 x 3
Card Cost Quantity
Aiela, Dragon SwordFollower - Chronogenesis
Evolve: Gain an empty play point orb.
2 x 3
Whitefrost Dragonewt FileneFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Fanfare: Put a Whitefrost Whisper into your hand.
Evolve: Deal 1 damage to an enemy follower.
2 x 3
Dragoncleaver RoyFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Fanfare: Choose - Put either a Dragonlife Blade or a Dragonstrife Blade into your hand.
3 x 3
Pyrewyrm CommanderFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Fanfare: Put a Blazing Breath into your hand.
Evolve: Put a Lightning Blast into your hand.
4 x 2
Galua of Two BreathsFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
Fanfare: Choose - Put either a White Breath or a Black Breath into your hand.
5 x 3
AdramelechFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Accelerate (3): Draw 2 cards.
Fanfare: Gain +X/+0. Deal X damage to an enemy follower. X equals the number of non-follower cards you've played this match.
7 x 3
Proto BahamutFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Accelerate (7): Deal 3 damage to all followers. Deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.
At the end of your turn, deal 3 damage to all other followers. Deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.
At the end of your turn, deal 3 damage to all other followers. Deal 1 damage to the enemy leader.
9 x 2
LindwormFollower - Dawnbreak, Nightedge
If you've played at least 10 other non-follower cards this match, and you have 10 play points, Choose: Play this card as a Virtuous Lindworm or an Iniquitous Lindworm.
10+ x 3
Zooey, Arbiter of the SkiesFollower - Brigade of the Sky
Fanfare: Deal damage to your leader until their defense drops to 1. Until the start of your next turn, your leader can't be damaged.
10+ x 3