Free to Play vs Pay to Play Overview by Aya Senpai

Free to Play vs Pay to Play Overview by Aya Senpai

Author: Aya Senpai

Howdy Shadowverse players!

I wanted to take the time out to write a little article talking about the balance between free to play players and people who put in a good amount of money into shadowverse.

A few days ago, i took a poll in my discord channel and on twitter asking people how many people spent money on shadowverse vs the number of people who are completely free to play. The responses I got were rather interesting actually. Let’s take a look!


Now much to my surprise is that a good deal of people have actually spent some money on Shadowverse! I was not expecting to see the last option of people who are free to play being so low! Now I'm sure that if i had expanded the net a little bit, I probably could have gotten a fair amount of people who are completely free to play. But I wouldn’t expect the result to be much different than this.

Now, just because people do spend money on Shadowverse, does not mean that everyone has to! Shadowverse is remarkably generous to is Free to play Audience. The daily missions will get people a sizable amount of packs, not to mention the sheer amount of single player options that will allow you to obtain gold for packs as well! I will not go into every single way a person can get gold in this article, but i will just say that that a player can earn literally thousands of gold in game doing single player stuff to create a very good collection for yourself.


Cygames also does random promotions as well that gives free packs to people for just playing the game regularly. So if you are a free to play player, you don’t need to feel pressured into giving cygames money right away.

I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to not mention why spending money on shadowverse is important. Even if you spend a little bit of money, you can help support shadowverse and keep it going! It doesn’t take much and SV is also always coming up with crystal deals to make buying in game a little easier on you as a player.

Getting into shadowverse is quite possibly one of the easiest games to get into due to the sheer amount of free things the game gives you. You can build a sizable collection in game without ever spending a dime!

Thanks for taking the time to check out this article! Each week, I will be writing a new article to help inform new shadowverse players and old alike! Until next time!