ICE Shadowverse Tournament: Top 8 Overview

ICE Shadowverse Tournament: Top 8 Overview
Tournament Information

Tournament Name:ICE Shadowverse Tournament 2nd Series #1
Tournament Date:12/03
Number of Participants:204 Players
Format:Swiss Top Cut 8-16 depending on # of players. Double Elimination. Singles if top 16.
Prize:1st: $300 USD + 3 Packs.
2nd: 150$ Steam gift card and 2 Packs.
3rd: 50$ Steam gift card and 1 Pack.
4th: 50$ Steam gift card.
4 random players from the bracket will receive 1 pack.

Class Distribution
Top 8 Deck Lists
1st Place: DinoT
2nd Place: Gomms
3rd Place: TorNis
4th Place: NoirelsWaifu
5th~6th Place: Gengur
5th~6th Place: ネフェニー
7th~8th Place: Dotoplayer
7th~8th Place: stolz