JCG OPEN 2nd Season Vol.22 & 23: Top 4 Deck Lists

Tournament Information:

Tournament Name:JCG Shadowverse Open 2nd Season Vol.22 & Vol.23
Tournament Link:JCG Shadowverse
Tournament Date:Saturday, April 15th 2017
Sunday, April 16th 2017
Number of Participants:256 Players
Prize:1st: 30,000 red vials & Banner "JCG OPEN 優勝 2nd Season"
2nd: 10,000 red vials
3rd: 5000 red vials
All participants get the JCG Open Emblem

Top 4 Deck Lists
Vol.22 1st Place: SOS
Vol.22 2nd Place: ぎん
Vol.22 Top 4: みや
Vol.22 Top 4: marchan
Vol.23 1st Place: つばめ
Vol.23 2nd Place: 空 銀子
Vol.23 Top 4: yuu,/Unr
Vol.23 Top 4: 甘城