Brigade of the Sky Meta-Report 11 (09/17/18~09/23/18) Rotation

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The weekly meta-analysis, brought to you by Gamepress, utilizes data published on Shadowverse Log to provide a summary of popular and strong decks in the meta-game. Shadowverse Log is a Japanese, public data set that compiles user-reported matchup data. Please be aware that Shadowvere Log is unofficial and unaffiliated with Cygames, Inc. The archetype designation in this report emulates categorization used on Shadowverse Log, and therefore may not completely reflect the appropriate archetype in the current meta.

09/17/18~09/23/18 Statistic

Usage Rates by Classes

The BotS season comes to a close with Portalcraft, Runecraft, and Forestcraft topping the leaderboard! Compared to last week, Forestcraft, Runecraft, Havencraft, and Portalcraft has increased in usage, while others have decreased. Portalcraft was the mover of the week, with a 2.7% increase in usage.

Usage Rates by Classes (Entire BotS Season)

Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Dragoncraft, Shadowcraft
Runecraft, Bloodcraft, Havencraft, Portalcraft

The two figures above show the time-series data of usage rate by class through the entire Brigade of the Sky season. The big movers this season were Runecraft, Havencraft, and Portalcraft, with Runecraft and Portalcraft gaining and Havencraft waning in popularity as the season progressed. Of the classes that has not changed in usage much throughout the season, Forestcraft had the highest numbers, resulting it placing in 3rd, 4th, or 5th in all 11 weeks.

Win Rates by Classes

Forestcraft and Portalcraft continued the trend and finished the season strong. The biggest change was seen in Forestcraft, with its win percentage falling from 54.8% since last week.

Win Rates by Classes (Entire BotS season)

Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Dragoncraft, Shadowcraft
Runecraft, Bloodcraft, Havencraft, Portalcraft

Reflecting on the win rates of the eight classes this season, it is clear that Forestcraft and Portalcraft has performed the best, never falling below 50%. Swordcraft and Havencraft started the BotS season strong, and have wandered close to the 50% mark throughout the season. Although their performance can be considered good, they are definitely the second tier finishers compared to Forestcraft and Portalcraft. Runecraft deserves mention in its own category, as this is one of the only classes in which aggregate win percentage data is unreliable. As for the rest, they had few moments to shine, but never quite found the consistency to keep up with the others.

Usage and Win Rates by Archetypes

Archetypes # Used # of Wins Win %
Puppet Portalcraft 3939 2238 56.8%
G. Chimera Runecraft 2027 948 46.8%
Tenko Havencraft 1260 644 51.1%
Aggro Forestcraft 1197 636 53.1%
Ramp Dragoncraft 926 425 45.9%
Midrange Forestcraft 807 399 49.4%
Arcus Shadowcraft 766 392 51.2%
Midrange Swordcraft 621 296 47.7%
Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft 366 193 52.7%
Mysteria Runecraft 325 153 47.1%
Abyss Summoner Runecraft 279 135 48.4%

In this final week of the BotS season, Puppet Portalcraft had the strongest performance in both usage and win rates! Aside from the sudden coming of the Darkfeast Bat deck into the leaderboard, the other members on this list has been here consistently. The popular archetypes are fairly consistent with the tournament scene, in which majority of players would take 2 (or 3) decks of the top 4 decks listed above.

Matchup Data for Top 3 Classes

Opponent Archetype Puppets Win %
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft N/A
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 56.4%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 48.9%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft 59.5%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 58.8%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 59.7%
Vs. Arcus Shadowcraft 63.5%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 62.5%
Vs. Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft 59.5%
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 58.1%
Vs. Abyss Summoner Runecraft 59.5%

Puppet Portalcraft is, without any doubt, the strongest deck of the BotS meta. Looking back at its matchup history throughout the season, the most interesting change was its matchup against Aggro Forestcraft, arguably the second best performer in this same season. In the first few weeks of the meta, the Forestcraft deck had an edge over the Puppet deck, perhaps due to the inability of Puppets to interact with the board while Wood of Brambles was in play. However, as the weeks went by, Puppet players began to include Spinaira, Keeper of Enigmas and Basileus, Outworld Invader in the roster, effectively disrupting the Forestcraft deck from building a strong board. The matchup saw a further shift in favor of the Portalcraft deck with the release of Cucouroux, Green Gunsmith, which made it difficult for Aggro Forestcraft to have an early Elf Song play.

Portalcraft will not have any cards rotating out for quite some time, so this deck will definitely be a strong contender in the next season, and it may well dominate the meta once again!

Opponent Archetype G. Chimera Win % Mysteria Win % Abyss Win %
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft 43.6% 41.9% 40.5%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft N/A 56.7% 32.3%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 51.4% 46.7% 61.9%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft 32.1% 50.0% 69.2%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 54.1% 43.8% 41.2%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 44.6% 66.7% 45.0%
Vs. Arcus Shadowcraft 41.9% 27.3% 53.3%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 40.0% 50.0% 57.1%
Vs. Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft 17.1% 40.0% 62.5%
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 43.3% N/A 0% (3/3)
Vs. Abyss Summoner Runecraft 67.7% 100% (3/3) N/A

In the BotS season, Runecraft consistently had the highest number of archetypes representing the top 15 meta. Abyss Summoner and Mysteria Runecraft were decks that started to see some play from the mid-season, and although these decks did not necessarily change or define the meta, they consistently saw play. On the other hand, Giant Chimera Runecraft has been the main representative of the class and definitely one of the decks that defined the BotS meta. The existence of its finisher, Giant Chimera, put a ‘clock’ on opposing decks, so decks that relied on turn 10 or later finish, such as  Artifact Portalcraft, had difficulty finding wins in the meta. The innovation of using Abomination Awakened and Snowman King allowed the deck to adapt to aggro and midrange decks, further cementing its dominance.

The upcoming rotation of cards does not seem to affect the existing decks much, so these decks are likely to see play in the next season.

Opponent Archetype Aggro Win % Midrange Win %
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft 41% 40%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 68% 55%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 50% 43%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft N/A 64%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 49% 31%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 36% N/A
Vs. Arcus Shadowcraft 63% 43%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 54% 70%
Vs. Darkfeast Bat Bloodcraft 56% 47%
Vs. Mysteria Runecraft 50% 33%
Vs. Abyss Summoner Runecraft 31% 55%

Forestcraft is considered by many to be the second strongest class in the BotS season. The class has never went below the 50% win mark and this impressive feat was mainly contributed by the aggro variant of the deck. Aggro Forestcraft had a winning matchup against majority of the other archetypes in the meta, thanks to its immense board-creating ability, as well as its ability to control the board with cards such as Airbound Barrage, Wood of Brambles, and Metera, Peerless Shot. Comparing the matchup data this week to previous weeks, this is the poorest the deck has performed all season. While Midrange Forestcraft appears to be a ‘slower’ and more board-focused version of the Aggro variant, it is difficult to draw the line on which decks are pure ‘Aggro’ and which are not. Therefore, the numbers should be analyzed with some skepticism. All in all, there is no doubt that Forestcraft was one of the strongest and most consistent decks in the BotS meta.

Many of the powerful cards in the current Forestcraft decks will be rotating out next week, so it will be very interesting to see what the avid Forestcraft deck builders will come up with next!

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