Brigade of the Sky Meta-Report 3 (07/16/18 ~ 07/22/18) Rotation

Meta Analysis History

The weekly meta-analysis, brought to you by Gamepress, utilizes data published on Shadowverse Log to provide a summary of popular and strong decks in the meta-game.

Usage %18.3 # times used12399
# of Wins6641Win %53.6
1st Turn Win %59.7 2nd Turn Win %47.4
Usage %17.7 # times used12031
# of Wins6249Win %51.9
1st Turn Win %57.3 2nd Turn Win %46.8
Usage %16.0 # times used10819
# of Wins5485Win %50.7
1st Turn Win %56.2 2nd Turn Win %45.2
Usage %15.7 # times used10623
# of Wins5575Win %52.5
1st Turn Win %58.8 2nd Turn Win %46.0
Usage %12.9 # times used8727
# of Wins4035Win %46.2
1st Turn Win %49.3 2nd Turn Win %43.2
Usage %9.8 # times used6638
# of Wins3079Win %46.4
1st Turn Win %49.4 2nd Turn Win %43.2
Usage %5.5 # times used3764
# of Wins1686Win %44.8
1st Turn Win %47.7 2nd Turn Win %41.9
Usage %4.2 # times used2823
# of Wins1162Win %41.2
1st Turn Win %45.8 2nd Turn Win %36.7

Usage and Win Rates by Archetypes

Archetypes # Used # of Wins Win % Win % (going 1st) Win % (going 2nd)
Midrange Swordcraft 9863 5352 54.30% 60.40% 48.30%
Puppet Portalcraft 8433 4581 54.30% 59.80% 48.90%
G. Chimera Runecraft 6299 3009 47.80% 51% 44.60%
Aggro Forestcraft 5052 2762 54.70% 61.70% 47%
Tenko Havencraft 4026 2129 52.90% 57.40% 48.40%
Lion Havencraft 3852 1875 48.70% 55.40% 41.80%
Ramp Dragoncraft 3784 1689 44.60% 46.90% 42.40%
Midrange Forestcraft 3404 1766 51.90% 58% 46.20%
Artifact Portalcraft 2022 878 43.40% 48.80% 38.50%
Temple Havencraft 1562 797 51% 56.50% 45.80%
Midrange Shadowcraft 1553 773 49.80% 51.60% 47.80%

General Comments

On July 17, 2018, an adjustment update was made to a total of six cards.  From Forestcraft, Ipiria’s PP cost was increased from 5 to 6. From Swordcraft, Valse, Magical Masksman’s defense was lowered from 2 to 1 and Chromatic Duel’s Enhance cost was increased from 6 to 8.  From Havencraft, the PP cost of Sealed Tome was increased from 0 to 1 and Tenko’s Shrine was increased from 4 to 5. From Dragoncraft, Sibyl of the Waterwyrm had stat buff from ¾ to a ⅘, however, this did not affect Rotation, as she is only usable in Unlimited.

The card adjustments definitely had a great impact on the popularity of certain classes although the top 4 popular classes has not changed since the release of the current expansion. However, the distribution of usage rates of these four classes have balanced out compared to last few weeks, with only a 2.6% difference in usage between 1st place (Swordcraft) and 4th place (Forestcraft).

The other four classes have also seen an increase in usage rate since the previous week. Runecraft has seen the biggest increase in usage rate, with over a 3% increase in use. Dragoncraft has also seen an increase of approximately 2%, holding the same 6th place in usage as the previous week. Lastly, Shadowcraft and Bloodcraft is still sitting at the bottom two spots, with Shadowcraft overtaking Bloodcraft with a small margin. This slight increase in popularity for Shadowcraft may well be correlated with the nerf of Havencraft cards.

1. Swordcraft


Swordcraft has taken the top spot this week for the most used class, barely taking the spot over the second favorite, Portalcraft by 0.6% in usage. Many have expected this result when the card adjustments were first announced, as one of the strongest decks in the meta, Tenko Havencraft, was heavily affected by the adjustments. Swordcraft received some damage too, with Valse and Chromatic Duel being the victims. However, these two cards were still more than useful and other powerful cards such as Arthur and Dragon Knights did not get hit.

Midrange Swordcraft is still the deck of choice for this class, with the Aggro variant falling way off of radar. The reason is quite clear when its win percentage against the other 10 prominent decks are considered. Midrange Swordcraft, with its amazing versatility, has a slight or clear positive matchup against all other prominent decks in the current meta. With no powerful board-wiping cards available in Rotation, Midrange Swordcraft is able to continuously pressure the opponent by playing numerous followers per turn, all of which has decent stats.

Although the usage rate of this deck has not hit the point where Havencraft decks have peaked, we can expect more card adjustments to Swordcraft if the current trend continues.

Swordcraft Archetypes vs. Other Archetypes
Class/Archetypes Midrange Win %
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft 51.80%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 55%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft 55.30%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 50.20%
Vs. Lion Havencraft 53.30%
Vs. Ramp Dragon 58%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 50.70%
Vs. Artifact Portalcraft 54.10%
Vs. Temple Havencraft 50.80%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 58.20%

2. Portalcraft


Portalcraft has jumped two spots since last week, taking second place for the first time in this meta. This result is not all that surprising, as none of the Portalcraft cards were adjusted in the recent update. Puppet Portalcraft is still the popular deck variant of this class, representing approximately 80% of Portalcraft decks (data not shown). Aside from Midrange Swordcraft and certain Havencraft matchups, Puppet variants can basically take down any deck in the meta. In addition, Puppet Portalcraft have many matchups with 60% or higher win percentages, while Midrange Swordcraft, although it goes positive against all other decks, does not have win percentages of this magnitude.

Artifact Portalcraft is still hanging in there, but is struggling against the other popular decks in the meta. Artifact Portalcraft, in general, is ‘slower’ than typical midrange decks, so it struggles against this genre, as well as aggressive decks. Even more so, it struggles against decks like Giant Chimera Runecraft, which is technically slower than Artifact decks, but has a surefire way to ending the game.

Portalcraft Archetypes vs. Other Archetypes
Class/Archetypes Puppet Win % Artifact Win %
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 48% 45.90%
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft N/A 33.50%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 52.00% 46.20%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft 54.70% 25.90%
Vs. Ramp Dragon 60% 52%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 55.10% 39.50%
Vs. Lion Havencraft 61.20% 51.70%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 39.10% 44.50%
Vs. Artifact Portalcraft 66.50% N/A
Vs. Temple Havencraft 47.50% 50%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 63.60% 45.50%

3. Havencraft


Arguably the class that was hit the hardest from the recent card adjustments, Havencraft has dropped from first place down to third place this week in usage. Havencraft was ahead of all other decks by a large margin in previous weeks, peaking at about 25% usage rate (extremely high in this type of card game). This week, the usage rate was 16%, sitting behind Swordcraft and Portalcraft by a small margin.

Lion Havencraft took much less damage than its counterpart in the recent card adjustment and therefore the matchup data does not differ much from previous weeks. The Lion variant suffers from being at a disadvantage against the two most popular decks in the meta, and does not do too well against Forestcraft decks as well. With little to no healing mechanisms in the deck, aggressive decks tend to run over Lion decks before the deck can set up. None of this is new though; and the deck was still popular in previous weeks due to its positive matchup against the Tenko variant. The data shows that this matchup has swung even farther in favor of the Lion build, with the nerf of Tenko’s Shrine.

Tenko Havencraft was the most affected deck from the recent update, with the PP cost of its star, Tenko’s Shrine, being increased from 4 to 5. Superficially, a one-PP increase does not seem like much, but anecdotal evidence, such as the PP increase of Goblin Leader, begs otherwise. An increase from 4 to 5 means that the earliest the amulet can be played is during the evolution-heavy turns, in which players fight aggressively for board control. Putting down an amulet without any other defensive mechanisms can quickly turn the game to the opponent’s favor. Therefore, it is much more difficult to find time to place the amulet, but the amulet’s effect is still as powerful as ever, so the card adjustment seems appropriate.

Summit Temple Havencraft builds have seen an increase in popularity last week, coinciding with the card updates. This variant was under the radar for quite some time due to the overwhelming popularity of the other two deck builds, but with the card updates not affecting this deck, it is relevant once again. Most notably, the has been glimpses of hybrid builds, one which adds Tenko’s Shrine and its support cards into the build as an alternate gameplan.

Havencraft Archetypes vs. Other Archetypes
Class/Archetypes Lion Win % Tenko Win % Temple Win %
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 46.70% 49.90% 49.20%
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft 38.80% 60.90% 52.50%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 57.40% 51.00% 48.40%
Vs. Lion Havencraft N/A 34% 47.80%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft 31.10% 50.70% 44.50%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 66.10% N/A 36.10%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 56.80% 60.40% 54.60%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 32.80% 53.40% 56.80%
Vs. Artifact Portalcraft 48.30% 56% 50%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 42.00% 41.00% 65.00%
Vs. Temple Havencraft 52.20% 63.90% N/A