Brigade of the Sky Meta-Report 3 (07/16/18 ~ 07/22/18) Unlimited

Meta Analysis History

The weekly meta-analysis, brought to you by Gamepress, utilizes data published on Shadowverse Log to provide a summary of popular and strong decks in the meta-game.

Usage %22.3 # times used5497
# of Wins2926Win %53.2
1st Turn Win %55.0 2nd Turn Win %51.5
Usage %16.5 # times used4058
# of Wins1881Win %46.4
1st Turn Win %47.1 2nd Turn Win %45.6
Usage %16.2 # times used3984
# of Wins2120Win %53.2
1st Turn Win %53.9 2nd Turn Win %52.5
Usage %11.2 # times used2768
# of Wins1447Win %52.3
1st Turn Win %58.1 2nd Turn Win %46.3
Usage %11.1 # times used2734
# of Wins1321Win %48.3
1st Turn Win %53.1 2nd Turn Win %43.7
Usage %10.1 # times used2494
# of Wins1149Win %46.1
1st Turn Win %49.0 2nd Turn Win %43.2
Usage %9.6 # times used2373
# of Wins1132Win %47.7
1st Turn Win %51.1 2nd Turn Win %44.4
Usage %3.1 # times used754
# of Wins355Win %47.1
1st Turn Win %45.8 2nd Turn Win %48.3

Usage and Win Rates by Archetypes

Archetypes # Used # of Wins Win % Win % (going 1st) Win % (going 2nd)
Midrange Shadowcraft 3851 2098 54.50% 57% 52.20%
Vengeance Bloodcraft 3081 1707 55.40% 55.80% 54.90%
D. Shift Runecraft 1682 711 42.30% 43.80% 40.70%
OTK Forestcraft 1622 907 55.90% 62.20% 49.60%
Tenko Havencraft 1328 703 52.90% 57.70% 48.10%
Earth Runecraft 861 441 51.20% 50.80% 51.60%
Ramp Dragoncraft 814 341 41.90% 44.20% 39.60%
Midrange Swordcraft 727 356 49% 49.90% 48.10%
Face Dragoncraft 611 339 55.50% 59.60% 51.20%
Atomy Shadowcraft 595 360 60.50% 62.60% 57.90%
Daria Runecraft 586 299 51% 49.30% 52.70%
Aggro Swordcraft 508 262 51.60% 54.80% 48.50%

General Comments

The card adjustments made on July 17, 2018 affected the Forestcraft, Swordcraft, Dragoncraft, and Havencraft classes, although there was quite a disparity in the damage dealt to each of these classes. Forestcraft lost Ipiria, but this was hardly relevant due to the scarcity of the Aggro build, mostly because of its poor matchup against the then-popular Tenko Havencraft and Midrange Shadowcraft. Two of the popular Swordcraft builds, Aggro and Midrange, were also already not-so-popular for the same reason, so the card adjustments did not influence the popularity much (although the nerfs did hurt the class). Sibyl of the Waterwyrm in Dragoncraft has regained its original status of ⅘ (6/7 after evolution), and this may increase the small increase in usage of the Ramp Dragoncraft build. Havencraft took the most damage from the card adjustment, hitting the most popular deck (in both formats!) by nerfing Tenko’s Shrine.

Excluding Portalcraft, the usage rate of the other 7 classes are 10% or higher, which would imply that the current meta is “healthy” for the game. However, the immense popularity of Shadowcraft, almost taking up ¼ of the meta, seems to drive the opposite point.

Data provided below for certain matchups may suffer from bias due to a small sample size. Therefore, please be aware that some win rates may not represent the “true” relationship between the two competing decks.

1. Shadowcraft


Shadowcraft is re-living its glorious days of the Tempest of the Gods format, dominating once again! This resurgence, though, does not seem to be driven by the newest expansion, but rather by the card adjustment made to Eachtar a few weeks ago. To remind everyone, Eachtar was adjusted not too long after its release because it was simply too powerful. Then, as Eachtar was rotating out, the Shadowverse team re-adjusted the card back to its original, all-mighty form. It may not have been a great idea though, because now Shadowcraft is taking over the Unlimited scene, representing approximately ¼ of all decks in the format.

Midrange Shadowcraft is so versatile and present such dominating board presence that it generally has a positive matchup against all other decks in the format. Firstly, the existence of cards such as Lady Grey, Deathweaver and Ceres of the Night makes it extremely strong against aggressive decks. Secondly, it is also strong against board-controlling Runecraft and Dragoncraft decks because of the “staying power” generated by cards such as Bone Chimera, Skull Ring, and Prince Catacomb. Finally, access to cards such as  Deathly Tyrant and Demonlord Eachtar allows the deck to deal explosive damage to the opponent.

Shadowcraft Archetypes vs. Other Archetypes
Class/Archetypes Midrange Win % Atomy Win %
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft N/A 55.40%
Vs. Vengeance Bloodcraft 50.40% 45.80%
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft 55.50% 76.70%
Vs. OTK Forestcraft 61.30% 65.60%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 44.50% 59.50%
Vs. Earth Runecraft 53.40% 84.20%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 55.40% 63.20%
Vs. Daria Runecraft 39.20% 41.20%
Vs. Face Dragoncraft 55.20% 46.70%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 59.30% 90%
Vs. Atomy Shadowcraft 44.60% N/A
Vs. Aggro Swordcraft 67.10% 25%

2. Runecraft


Runecraft has slowly risen to the second position it’s at now, by barely edging out Bloodcraft by a margin of 0.3% in usage. This phenomenon is largely attributed to the increasing popularity in Dimensional Shift builds, which is arguably the strongest control decks the game has to offer. This deck build had approximately 6 times and 8 times the usage rate of the Earth and Daria builds, respectively (data not shown).

Dimensional Shift Runecraft matchups have been debated since the beginning of this game, where high-ranked players on the ladder argue that it has an even or positive matchup against all non-aggro decks (and OTK Forestcraft) that have ever existed. The data is not consistent with these opinions, suggesting that this deck is extremely difficult to pilot at the highest level. Another interesting characteristic of this deck is that the current “popular build” does not include any cards from the newest expansion. This can also be said for Daria Runecraft.

Earth Essence Runecraft, also called Burn or Dirt Runecraft, is a Runecraft build that received a new powerful ally named Cagliostro, Adoroable Genius. The addition of this versatile follower has added a new dimension to the deck, allowing it to fight against aggro decks much better, which the deck historically struggled against.

Runecraft Archetypes vs. Other Archetypes
Class/Archetypes D. Shift Win % Earth Win % Daria Win %
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 44.50% 46.60% 60.80%
Vs. Vengeance Bloodcraft 34% 58.80% 50.60%
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft N/A 56.10% 43.90%
Vs. OTK Forestcraft 30.10% 43.60% 51.20%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 46.30% 26.90% 35.30%
Vs. Earth Runecraft 43.90% N/A 48.60%
Vs. Daria Runecraft 56.10% 51.40% N/A
Vs. Atomy Shadowcraft 23.30% 15.80% 58.80%
Vs. Aggro Swordcraft 14.30% 61.10% 18.20%
Vs. Face Dragoncraft 22.20% 52.40% 46.70%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 59.40% 42.40% 32.30%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 54.80% 52.20% 73.30%

3. Bloodcraft


Bloodcraft has taken the third spot this week for the most popular class, dropping one spot from last week. However, the numbers show that there is very little separating it from the second place, Runecraft. In fact, the popular build for this class, Vengeance Bloodcraft, has taken the second spot in the most used archetype this week. This deck is extremely popular among players due to its high-risk, high-reward characteristic, with the potential to deal explosive damage as early as the mid-game. Historically, drawing Belphegor was crucial to enter the Vengeance state without loss of tempo but the addition of Narmaya, Ephemeral Blade has given the deck a new way of activating Vengeance. Although an evolution point is required to access this ability, she is an extremely powerful card even without evolution, with a standard 4/3 stat AND the Bane ability!

In terms of matchup, Bloodcraft does well against the popular decks in the format, going even with Midrange Shadowcraft, the strongest deck currently. With regards to bad matchups, history seems to repeat itself, as the deck still struggles against OTK Forestcraft and Earth (Burn) Runecraft.

Bloodcraft Archetypes vs. Other Archetypes
Class/Archetypes Win %
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 49.60%
Vs. Vengeance Bloodcraft N/A
Vs. D. Shift Runecraft 66%
Vs. OTK Forestcraft 37.90%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 60.10%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 67.40%
Vs. Earth Runecraft 41.20%
Vs. Daria Runecraft 49.40%
Vs. Atomy Shadowcraft 54.20%
Vs. Face Dragoncraft 57.30%
Vs. Aggro Swordcraft 68.40%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 52.60%