Brigade of the Sky Meta Report 6 (08/06/18 ~ 08/12/18) Rotation

Meta Analysis History

08/06/18 ~ 08/12/18 Statistic

The weekly meta-analysis, brought to you by Gamepress, utilizes data published on Shadowverse Log to provide a summary of popular and strong decks in the meta-game. The archetype designation in this report emulates categorization used on Shadowverse Log, and therefore may not completely reflect the appropriate archetype in the meta.

Usage %20.4 # times used9567
# of Wins5053Win %52.8
1st Turn Win %58.6 2nd Turn Win %47.2
Usage %19.7 # times used9247
# of Wins4454Win %48.2
1st Turn Win %51.9 2nd Turn Win %44.5
Usage %15.9 # times used7460
# of Wins4186Win %56.1
1st Turn Win %61.6 2nd Turn Win %50.4
Usage %13.6 # times used6375
# of Wins3170Win %49.7
1st Turn Win %55.1 2nd Turn Win %44.4
Usage %10.2 # times used4785
# of Wins2151Win %45.0
1st Turn Win %46.8 2nd Turn Win %43.1
Usage %9.8 # times used4602
# of Wins2366Win %51.4
1st Turn Win %55.4 2nd Turn Win %47.4
Usage %6.4 # times used2984
# of Wins1284Win %43.0
1st Turn Win %45.9 2nd Turn Win %40.2
Usage %4.0 # times used1898
# of Wins795Win %41.9
1st Turn Win %45.6 2nd Turn Win %37.9
Usage Rates by Classes

Portalcraft and Runecraft has taken the top spot in popularity this week, with these decks accounting for approximately 40% of the used classes! This popularity is consistent with recent tournament showings, with majority of top finishers using both of these classes. Forestcraft has also proven to be popular, hitting its new record of 15.9% in usage this week. Although Havencraft is much more popular in the tournament scene, Forestcraft placed above it in usage, most likely due to the consistency of the build, necessary for “climbing the ladder”.

Win Rates by Classes

In the Rotation format, Forestcraft has been consistently taking the top spot in win percentage this season. Portalcraft and Swordcraft has also been seen boasting its high win rates repeatedly. Surprisingly, win percentage for Havencraft has slowly been decreasing since the nerf a few weeks ago, and this decrease may be in part to the increase in control-based Runecraft matchups.

Usage and Win Rates by Archetypes

Archetypes # Used # of Wins Win %
Puppet Portalcraft 7392 3998 54.1%
G. Chimera Runecraft 5196 2588 49.8%
Midrange Swordcraft 3427 1794 52.3%
Aggro Forestcraft 3183 1838 57.7%
Tenko Havencraft 3010 1589 52.8%
Midrange Forestcraft 2489 1377 55.3%
Ramp Dragoncraft 2338 996 42.6%
Midrange Shadowcraft 1560 688 44.1%
Lion Havencraft 1320 612 46.4%
Summit Havencraft 1265 633 50.0%
Artifact Portalcraft 1122 480 42.8%
Earth Essence Runecraft 969 447 46.1%

The leaderboard for win percentages have not changed much in the last few weeks, with the most popular decks producing positive results (hence, they are popular). In this randomly sampled data, Midrange Swordcraft is the third most used class, even though the usage of the class is in 6th place. What this entails is that the classes used more frequently has many varieties of archetypes, so the usage is divided amongst these decks.

Runecraft and Dragoncraft archetypes have been difficult to quantify through Shadowverse Log, as they do not have specific entries for archetypes such as Lindworm Dragoncraft, Abyss Summoner Runecraft, or any hybrid Runecraft decks.

Matchup Data for Top 3 Classes

Opponent Archetype Puppets Win % Artifacts Win %
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft N/A 34.7%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 48.6% 41.2%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 54.5% 57.1%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft 48.9% 31.1%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 39.0% 55.4%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 54.8% 26.9%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 63.7% 45.9%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 60.8% 37.8%
Vs. Lion Havencraft 57.4% 45.7%
Vs. Summit Havencraft 48.6% 30.4%
Vs. Artifact Portalcraft 65.3% N/A
Vs. Earth Essence Runecraft 57.1% 54.2%

Puppet Portalcraft is still tearing through the Rotation ladder meta, with its favorable matchup against most other decks in the format. A slight disadvantage against G. Chimera is due to the deck’s inability to swarm the opponent in the early and mid-game, as well as difficulty in dealing damage from Silva’s effect due to followers not staying on the board for more than one turn on either side. The Aggro Forestcraft matchup is heavily dependent on the number of Wood of Brambles, which effectively nullifies the usage of Puppets for board control. Finally, Tenko Havencraft has always been a difficult matchup for Puppets, as constant healing and strong Wards make it difficult for the archetype to push through damage.

Opponent Archetype Chimera Win % Earth Win %
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft 51.4% 42.9%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft N/A 37.5%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 45.3% 38.8%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft 30.0% 41.0%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 61.7% 37.9%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 42.4% 38.3%
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 61.5% 52.2%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 53.2% 56.5%
Vs. Lion Havencraft 50.3% 45.2%
Vs. Summit Havencraft 54.9% 58.3%
Vs. Artifact Portalcraft 58.8% 45.8%
Vs. Earth Essence Runecraft 62.5% N/A

Runecraft archetypes are currently difficult to classify into discrete categories, due to the existence of many hybrid builds. Giant Chimera Runecraft is the most popular build of them all, and even this build has seen variants with many Earth Essence mechanics and Abyss Summoner built in them. These additions, as well as other cards such as Snowman King and Abomination Awakened, has helped this archetype turn many matchups in its favor. With regards to matchups against Forestcraft and Midrange Swordcraft, recent tournament showings have seen the Runecraft decks come out on top, indicating that these matchups are much more complicated than the data implies.

Opponent Archetype Aggro Win % Midrange Win %
Vs. Puppet Portalcraft 51.1% 45.2%
Vs. G. Chimera Runecraft 70.0% 57.6%
Vs. Midrange Swordcraft 57.7% 48.2%
Vs. Aggro Forestcraft N/A 51.2%
Vs. Tenko Havencraft 47.0% 52.3%
Vs. Midrange Forestcraft 48.8% N/A
Vs. Ramp Dragoncraft 54.0% 57.6%
Vs. Midrange Shadowcraft 67.4% 60.0%
Vs. Lion Havencraft 65.4% 72.9%
Vs. Summit Havencraft 57.3% 47.4%
Vs. Artifact Portalcraft 68.9% 73.1%
Vs. Earth Essence Runecraft 59.0% 61.7%

In the current format, Forestcraft has had the highest win percentage most of the season, and this is no surprise looking at the above data. With Tenko Havencraft being the only bad matchup (according to data), Aggro Forestcraft is a great deck to use to go up the ranks. The matchup against Puppet Portalcraft can also vary depending on access to Wood of Brambles and playing around removals such as Basileus, Outworld Invader.